NXT TakeOver: Vengeance Day Results – Feb. 14, 2021 – Balor vs. Dunne

Results by Matt Boone – Rajah.com

NXT TakeOver: Vengeance Day
Sunday, February 14, 2021
Orlando, FL – Capitol Wrestling Center
Commentary: Vic Joseph, Wade Barrett, Beth Phoenix

Quick Match Results

  1. Women’s Dusty Rhodes Tag Team Classic Final: Dakota Kai & Raquel González defeated Ember Moon & Shotzi Blackheart via chokeslam by Gonzalez on Blackheart
  2. NXT North American Championship: Johnny Gargano (c) defeated KUSHIDA via One Final Beat
  3. Men’s Dusty Rhodes Tag Team Classic Final: MSK defeated Grizzled Young Veterans via springboard twisting Hart Attack blockbuster on Drake
  4. NXT Women’s Championship Triple Threat: Io Shirai (c) defeated Toni Storm and Mercedes Martinez via moonsault on Martinez
  5. NXT Championship: Finn Balor (c) defeated Pete Dunne via Coup de Grace and 1916

Women’s Dusty Rhodes Tag Team Classic Final
Ember Moon & Shotzi Blackheart vs. Dakota Kai & Raquel González

Out comes the team of Dakota Kai and Raquel Gonzalez as we hear the fans boo while they make their way down to the ring. As they settle into the squared circle, their music fades down and they await the ring walks of their opponents for the finals of the first-ever NXT Dusty Classic for the women’s division.

Now we hear the sounds of the theme music of their opponents, as we see a mini-tank come out on the entrance stage. Shotzi Blackheart and Ember Moon shoot the tank and make their way down to the ring.

The bell sounds and we’re off-and-running with our first of five scheduled matches here tonight at NXT TakeOver: Vengeance Day. Blackheart and Gonzalez kick things off for their respective teams. Blackheart doesn’t fare well early on, so she tags in Moon. Moon’s luck doesn’t go any better, so Blackheart tags herself back in.

We see the duo of Blackheart and Moon try to utilize double-team action to shift the offensive momentum in their favor, however Gonzalez continues to put her impressive power on display as she dominates the action. Finally she tags in Kai, who picks up where she left off, taking it to Blackheart in the middle of the ring.

After continuing to dominate the action for a bit, we finally see Blackheart take over the offense in the match. She focuses her attack on the knee of Kai, which the commentators point out has had issues in the past. She establishes the lead over Kai and then tags Moon in. Moon picks up where Blackheart left off, taking it to Kai and focusing her attack on the same knee that Blackheart softened up earlier on.

Kai struggles to try and make it to her side of the ring to make a badly-needed tag to Gonzalez, but Moon prevents it from happening and keeps the ring cut-off, with Kai stranded on her opponents half of the squared circle. There is some confusion about a tag, as the ref didn’t see Moon tag in Blackheart. Once order is restored, Moon goes right back to work on the weakened knee of Kai until finally she fights her way free and makes the tag to Gonzalez.

Gonzalez comes in and immediately Beth Phoenix refers to her on commentary as “The Game-Changer,” as she lives up to the moniker by manhandling any-and-everything that moves, taking it to Moon and throwing her around the ring like a rag-doll. Kai ends up tagging back in, and she comes flying off the top-rope with an impressive high spot that leads to a close near fall. Moments later, Blackheart and Gonzalez brawl off to the side until Gonzalez catches Blackheart on the floor coming off the ring apron, before smashing her into the protective glass covering the barricade.

Back in the ring, Moon is shown taking it to Kai until she is blindsided by Gonzalez, who as the commentators point out, is actually the legal participant in the ring right now. This leads to another prolonged beatdown by the heel duo until finally Moon starts making a fired up comeback. She hits a nice top-rope high spot on Gonzalez and covers her, however the ref was super late on making the pin, as Kai had him tied up away from Moon and Gonzalez.

Again we see Moon nearly finish Gonzalez off, only for her to hang on and avoid keeping her shoulders down for the referee’s count of three. Gonzalez crawls over and makes the tag to Kai as Moon was in the middle of tagging in Blackheart, who has finally recovered after being slammed into the protective glass on the ringside barricade.

Blackheart is fired up and taking it to Kai with every move in her arsenal. She goes for the cover, but Kai manages to survive. Gonzalez tags in and she and Blackheart exchange shots until Gonzalez and Blackheart go to the top-rope. Blackheart hits a back-suplex on Gonzalez off the middle rope and covers her, however Kai runs over to break up the pin.

Now we see Kai on the floor as Blackheart hits the ropes and sprints across the ring, diving through the other ropes and splashing onto Kai on the floor. The fans respond with a passionate “NXT! NXT! NXT!” chant. Back in the ring, Moon hits a top-rope spot on Gonzalez and rolls out of the ring. Blackheart follows up with a high spot and then Moon, who is legal in the match, rolls back in for the cover, only for Gonzalez to kick out at two.

Moon climbs to the top-rope while Blackheart holds Kai on her shoulders on the floor outside of the ring. Moon flies off the top and splashes onto her on the floor. The fans respond with another thunderous “NXT! NXT! NXT!” chant as the brawl continues outside of the ring with all four ladies duking it out at ringside.

Finally, Moon and Gonzalez roll back into the ring. Moon chops down Gonzalez with a dropkick to the knees. Now she locks Gonzalez up on the mat with her submission finisher. Gonzalez looked close to tapping out, only for Kai to interfere and break up the hold. Now Gonzalez makes the tag to Kai. Kai ducks a kick from Blackheart and counters with her Chiropractor finisher. She covers Blackheart, however Shotzi manages to kick out before the count of three. Gonzalez hits an assisted GTK on Blackheart and covers her, however Moon runs in to break up the pin.

This leads to Gonzalez sending Moon flying over the top-rope, where she makes a hard landing on the unpadded entrance ramp. Blackheart hits a high spot on Gonzalez when she returns to the ring. As Kai tries to run in behind her, she catches her and sends her flying over the top-rope. Now Gonzalez lays out Blackheart and then she picks up her own partner and throws her onto Blackheart for an assisted splash. Back in the ring, Gonzalez hits a monstrous chokeslam on Blackheart and covers her for the 1-2-3. We have our first-ever winners of the NXT Dusty Rhodes Women’s Tag-Team Classic Tournament.

Winners of the finals of the NXT Dusty Rhodes Women’s Tag-Team Classic Tournament: Dakota Kai & Raquel Gonzalez

NXT North American Championship
Johnny Gargano (c) vs. KUSHIDA

Early on, we see Gargano and Kushida hit the mat and trade holds and reversals for some good old fashioned ground work and amateur-style mat-based wrestling. Neither man is establishing any real offensive lead over the other here in the early goings, as the action remains back-and-forth with each guy having their brief moments in control.

Kushida starts to pull ahead a bit as the pace quickens and the action gets off the mat and starts moving around the ring a bit. Kushida cartwheels through a hurricanrana attempt and then blasts Gargano with a leg kick. The two go through a crazy series of reversals on the mat again as Gargano looks to try and lock in his Gargano Escape submission finisher.

Gargano doesn’t get it locked in and ends up rolling to the ropes to force the ref to break the action just as Kushida was starting to pull ahead. Gargano blasts Kushida with a nice kick from the ring apron while Kushida was standing on the floor at ringside. Gargano now sends Kushida into the steel ring steps and taunts the fans as we hear a loud “Boo!” from the crowd that transitions into an equally loud “Johnny Sucks! Johnny Sucks!” chant.

Kushida comes alive and ends up slapping a cross arm-breaker on Gargano on the floor at ringside. He realizes the two are about to be counted out, so he rolls back in the ring to break the ref’s count. He takes his shirt off, fires up, and heads back out to the floor to go back to work on the champ. He hits a nice chicken wing suplex on Gargano on the floor. He rolls the NXT North American Champion back into the ring and comes in after him.

He stalks Gargano in the corner of the ring, waiting for the champ to get back to his feet. Just as he does, Kushida sprints across the ring and hits a nice dropkick right on the arm of Gargano. The commentators speculate that the challenger is setting the arm up for his finisher later in the match. Kushida goes to work on Gargano on the mat and now he is twisting, yanking and pulling on the left arm of the champ, as it continues to be the focus of his offensive attack.

Gargano slips out the back door behind Kushida, but ends up running into a back-elbow from the challenger. Kushida looks to capitalize some more, but Gargano ends up using the top-rope to hit a neck-breaker across the throat of Kushida. We see some replays of that spot as Kushida sells on the floor at ringside while Gargano shakes his arm loose trying to get the feeling back in it. Now Gargano slams Kushida face and throat first onto the ring apron as he starts to pull ahead into the offensive driver’s seat.

The action returns inside the ring where the champ goes to work on the challenger some more. He hits a nice snap-suplex and floats over into a cover, but Kushida actually kicks out before the ref can even hit the mat and get a one count off. The two fight back-and-forth a bit some as Kushida continues to try and hit his chicken wing suplex only for Gargano to keep finding ways to avoid it. Kushida ends up getting Gargano down on the mat where he blasts him with a vicious kick to the dome that seemingly knocks him out. He covers a glassy-eyed champ, who somehow finds a way to kick out before the count of three.

We hear the NXT Universe coming alive as Kushida continues his offensive attack on the champ, giving Gargano all that he can handle. Kushida goes to send Gargano on the floor, but he hangs on and stays on the ring apron outside of the ropes. Kushida goes for the Randy Orton draping DDT off the middle rope, however Gargano held on and the two rolled through, where Kushida then stood up and hit a nice Perfect-Plex type of suplex into a pin attempt. Gargano somehow kicks out and stays alive as this NXT North American Championship contest continues.

Kushida holds onto Gargano’s softened up arm and runs him along the ring ropes and apron where he slams the arm into the steel ring post in the corner. Kushida runs and hits a flip into a double-kick blasting Gargano in the dome while he was crouched on the top-rope. Gargano lays lifeless on the top now as Kushida climbs up after him. Kushida looking for a superplex but Gargano counters in mid-air with a twisting superplex. That was absolutely insane. Gargano hits a DDT and floats over for a pin attempt, however now it is Kushida who finds a way to avoid being put away. The crowd comes alive even louder now as both guys are down while the enthusiastic commentators talk us through some immediate replays of the some of the close near-falls and high-spots that just transpired.

Vic Joseph refers to this as an instant classic as Gargano and Kushida both return to their feet. They have seemingly caught their respective second winds, as they are flying and sprinting all over the place, countering and reversing each other back-and-forth, over and over again. Kushida looks for the arm-bar and transitions into a cross arm-breaker. Gargano ends up escaping and both guys have the same idea, blasting each simultaneously and knocking each other out. As both guys are down again, the fans nearly blow the roof off of the CWC with thunderous “NXT! NXT! NXT!” chants. Kushida starts to put together a nice offensive run, however Gargano cuts it short by lawn-darting him into the turnbuckles in the corner. Both guys are down again as the fans once again let them hear it by clapping, stomping and chanting loudly.

These two slowly fight their way back to their feet. Kushida locks up Gargano while standing but Gargano hits some back-elbows to escape. Kushida then blasts Gargano out of nowhere with a chicken wing suplex. The fans chant for Kushida as he grabs Gargano and begins climbing up the ropes. With both men on the top-rope, we see both guys launched and go flying as they turn in mid-air and land with Kushida holding onto Gargano’s softened up arm right in the cross-arm breaker position. Kushida locks the arm-breaker up and yanks away as Gargano screams in pain. Gargano starts to roll over, but Kushida keeps it on. Finally, Gargano gets his feet on the ropes as Kushida refuses to let go of the Hoverboard lock. The two roll to the floor with Kushida still holding Gargano in the position. Gargano keeps running and slamming Kushida back-first into the ring apron and barricade until finally he is freed.

Gargano rolls and crawls around on the floor at ringside to get some distance between himself and Kushida. Gargano sees Kushida come from the entrance way on the other side of him. He yells and sprints as he charges down the entrance ramp, blasting Gargano with a big kick to the injured arm that sends him flying back into the ring. Kushida follows in after him and locks him up in a submission. He pulls on it with everything he’s got, but Gargano ends up slamming him onto the top-rope and it breaks the hold. Gargano hits a leap over the top-rope into a crazy DDT on Kushida, with his face being spiked into the unprotected steel entrance ramp. Gargano rolls Kushida into the ring and crawls in after him, stopping on the ring apron outside of the ropes. He leap-frogs over the ropes and hits the same DDT after floating over as the one he just hit seconds ago. This time, however, the landing is inside the ring, where Gargano rolls over and covers him immediately afterwards. 1-2-3. Gargano retains in an absolutely incredible match.

Winner and STILL NXT North American Champion: Johnny Gargano

Men’s Dusty Rhodes Tag Team Classic Final
MSK vs. Grizzled Young Veterans

The Grizzled Young Vets talk some trash as they head to the squared circle for this Dusty Classic Cup finals for 2021. The bell sounds and here we go, as we’re off-and-running with our next match of the evening here at NXT TakeOver: Vengeance Day.

Both teams trade back-and-forth offensive leads for the first couple of minutes. Finally we see our first high spot of the bout, as Gibson and Drake end up on the floor as Carter and Lee channel their inner Hardy Boyz, as one of the MSK members gets down on all fours while the other hits the ropes, runs and leaps off their teammates back for a high dive into a splash onto their opposition on the floor.

The second of two dives don’t go too well for MSK, however, as they land on the floor and eat a big clothesline that turns them inside out. Back in the ring, The Grizzled Young Vets take over the offensive control from this point on, as they are now in a comfortable lead dominating the two MSK members as they utilize quick tags to keep fresh guys in on the softened up MSK members at all times.

Wes Lee is desperate to get the tag to get back into the match, however he isn’t having any luck, as Gibson and Drake are doing a good job of cutting the ring in half and keeping Nash Carter in their territory. Finally, as it looks like Carter bought himself enough time in the ring to make it to his corner for the tag, Drake hops off the ring apron onto the floor and runs around the ring, pulling Lee down off the apron so that there is no one there to be tagged.

This allows Gibson and Drake to continue their dominant offensive control of Carter, who remains isolated in the ring as Wes Lee paces back-and-forth on the ring apron looking to get into the ring and help his team with the finals of this year’s Dusty Classic.

Finally, Wes Lee gets the sorely needed tag from Nash Carter, who comes into the ring off of the hot tag like a man possessed. He is sprinting and leaping and flying all over the place, hitting hand-springs into cartwheels into back-flips into splashes in the corner. He hits a running acrobatic dive over the top-rope onto The Grizzled Young Vets on the floor. As things finally settle down, Lee grounds Gibson and tags in Carter.

The two hit some double-team spots on Gibson in the ring and then they knock Drake off the apron. They sense the end is near now. Carter screams at Drake to get up and when he finally does they trade punches until Carter grounds Drake and pounds the hell out of him. Things end up getting shifted, with Grizzled Young Vets taking back control of the offensive driver’s seat in this one. The veteran duo look for the Doomsday Device off the top-rope, however it doesn’t go as planned.

Regardless, we see them remain in control of the action. They make a tag and after which, they look for a double-team spot, however both members of MSK end up firing up and taking them out. Now we see Nash Carter to the top-rope, he hits a big flying senton. Now Wes Lee, the legal man, heads up to the top-rope and he hits a follow-up splash for good measure. He makes the cover afterwards, however Gibson ends up hanging on and keeping his team alive. We see another crazy high spot onto the floor, as the Grizzled Young Vets finally hit a wicked Doomsday Device.

Back in the ring, they look to capitalize. They finally tag and as they look for a double-team move of some sort, Carter fires up and by himself, starts firing away with punches at both Grizzled Young Vets. They cut his comeback super short, however, and dump him on his head and make the cover, with the MSK member somehow getting his shoulder up at about 2 and 3/4. The commentators talk about the ref showing them just how close he was to making the three count. The duo look for the Ticket To Mayhem finisher, however Wes Lee hits the ring to make the save, blasting both Vets with super kicks.

MSK makes the tag and they hit a crazy double-team spot in the corner and make the follow-up pin attempt. 1-2-3. It’s all over. MSK wins the 2021 NXT Dusty Rhodes Tag-Team Classic Tournament. Excellent match.

Winners of the NXT Dusty Rhodes Tag-Team Classic Tournament: MSK

Video: Cameron Grimes

After the second of the two NXT Dusty Classic tourney final matches wraps up, we shoot to a special video segment.

The segment features hip-hop music and a special look at the newly rich Cameron Grimes. The lyrics of the song, much like the one in the opening video package that started off tonight’s show, was all about the story line involving Grimes.

One of the lines in the song was “You can kiss my grits.” Fun stuff to let the crowd recover in between matches.

NXT Women’s Championship Triple Threat
Io Shirai (c) vs. Toni Storm vs. Mercedes Martinez

Martinez immediately attacks Storm. Shirai heads in and attempts to stay ahead of Martinez. Shirai drops Storm and then a Double Foot Stomp to the midsection as the crowd pops!

Storm crawls to the corner where Shirai lands multiple Stomps to the body of Storm. Storm back to her feet, charging into the champion as Martinez grabs Storm from ringside with a drop to ringside. Storm is hurt on the outside as Martinez is back to her feet.

Shirai looks for a Moonsault over the top rope, Martinez side steps and Shirai lands into the barricade. Back in the ring, Martinez gets the cover to Storm who kicks out! Martinez gets a Hook of the leg once again and Storm kicks out once again as the match continues. Martinez with a Suplex and then a Three Amigos to Storm.

Spine Buster by Martinez for the cover, Storm kicks out at the two! Martinez looks to bend and stretch Storm in the center of the ring as Storm struggles to stretch towards the bottom rope. Shirai comes in and breaks the count and gets a Crossface locked in, Martinez locks in a Dragon Sleeper on Shirai who refuses to let go of Storm. Shirai is forced to let go of Storm. Shirai to her feet and everyone is back up, 619 by Shirai. Shriai heads up to the top turnbuckle. Storm meets Shirai at the top turnbuckle when Martinez comes in and breaks it up.

Storm gets a Suplex to Shirai and Martinez knocks both women to the canvas as the crowd pops! The crowd begins to chant, “NXT! NXT!” The match spills to ringside. Shirai is slammed into the Plexiglas barricade, Martinez is down next to Shirai as Storm begins to tear apart the announcer’s table. Storm grabs Martinez by the hair and assists a near lifeless Martinez back to her feet. Storm looks for the Storm Zero when Martinez counters with a DDT! The camera switches to Shirai who is climbing the pillar near the ring and levels the other two women in the match! Once again the crowd begins to chant “NXT! NXT!”

Storm sends Shirai into the steel stairs followed by slamming Shirai’s face off the apron. Martinez grabs Storm back in the ring and Martinez lands several Knee Strikes to the face of Storm. Martinez gets the cover for the two count as Storm gets the shoulder up just in time! Storm lands Martinez into the canvas and heads up top for a Flying Headbutt to Martinez! As Storm gets the cover, Shirai flies in with a Moonsault knocking Storm off Martinez and Shirai gets the cover on Martinez. Shirai gets the three count for the pin and win!

Winner and STILL NXT Women’s Champion: Io Shirai

Earlier Today: LA Knight (Eli Drake)

After our co-main event wraps up, we shoot to a video recap of an earlier today segment, which shows LA Knight (f.k.a. Eli Drake) sitting at a table with NXT General Manager William Regal to sign his official contract to join the WWE NXT roster.

From there, the commentary team at NXT TakeOver: Vengeance Day recap the segment from the pre-show that led into tonight’s special event, which shows the actual on-camera debut of LA Knight, who vowed to have his sights set on anyone in NXT holding a title.

The commentators note that LA Knight will definitely have his sights set on our next match then, as it’s time for the main event of the evening, with the NXT Championship at stake.

NXT Championship
Finn Balor (c) vs. Pete Dunne

The fans chant “NXT! NXT! NXT!” as the two circle each other and ultimately lock up to get this match officially underway. The crowd continues to make a ton of nose as Dunne backs Balor into the corner and gives him a clean break.

We see the two men circle each other some more and this time Balor takes Dunne down and isolates the arm of “The Bruiserweight,” focusing his attack on the arm of the challenger here in the early goings. Dunne reverses things and goes for his first joint manipulation of the evening, as he tears and bends back the fingers of the champ.

Balor escapes and quickly scrambles up to his feet, where he backs off and smirks at Dunne. The two lock up again and Balor takes Dunne down with an arm-drag. Dunne hits a reversal and bounces back to his feet. Balor hits a switch and takes Dunne back down to the mat, again isolating the arm of the challenger. Dunne hits a reversal and a monkey flip on Balor, who still holds onto Dunne’s arm and again isolates the limb as he controls his opponent on the mat.

Stalemate thus far, another take down by Balor as he locks his arm around Dunne, cranking on the neck of Dunne. Balor runs over Dunne and again locks in. The crowd begins a steady clap, Balor tackles and heads into the cover, Dunne kicks out. The two continues to grapple and continue with technical movements. Dunne wraps his legs around Balor, Balor struggles to protect his glass jaw. Both men back to their feet as the crowd chants, “NXT! NXT!” as Balor nods in approval to Dunne as they continue.

Dunne with Shoulder Shots to Balor. Balor rushes Dunne into the corner. Dunne begins to manipulate the fingers of Dunne. Balor rolls out, and Dunne once again locks in a hold on Balor. Balor makes his way to the top of Dunne who looks to entangle the right arm of Dunne. An Arm Bar attempt by Dunne followed by a focus to the jaw of Balor as Dunne takes momentary control in the match. Dunne grabs the right arm of Balor as Dunne bends the fingers of Balor who’s face is bright red until he breaks free!

Dunne continues to manipulate the fingers of Balor who cannot seem to find a way to roll free. Balor attempts to change the angle and roll into Dunne’s weight, Dunne smiles as he attempts to bend the right shoulder that recently was surgically repaired as Balor has no way to escape as he gasps for air in pain!

Balor locks in a nice hold where Dunne is unable to reach the arm or jaw of Balor as Balor maintains offense. Balor has Dunne screaming in pain in the center of the ring as Balor looks to hyper-extend the knee of Dunne. Dunne grabs the hand of Balor to manipulate the fingers, forcing Balor to let go. Both men back to their feet. Balor looks for the Single Crab as he looks to turn Dunne over completely in the center of the ring.

Dunne lands Strikes directly to the ear of Balor who refuses to let go. Dunne gets his Forearm against the jaw of Balor as he locks in a Front Face Lock. Dunne sends Balor hard to the canvas, Dunne unintentionally coming down hard onto his injured left knee as Dunne winces and looks for the cover. Balor kicks out at the two, getting his shoulder up just in time. A take down by Balor, Dunne switches over for the cover, Balor kicks out again. Dunne hits an Enzuigiri to the champ.

“Let’s Go Finn!” sounds in the crowd as Balor hits multiple strikes to the back of Dunne’s neck before locking in a submission hold on Dunne with the STF who begins to fade when he grabs the fingers of Balor. Dunne able to break the hold, and possibly the fingers of Dunne.

Balor back in immediately as he continues to bring it to Dunne. Balor with a Chop to the chest of Dunne in the corner. Dunne counters with several Chops of his own to make his way out of the corner. Headbutt by Dunne. Dunne goes for the cover, Balor kicks out at 2.999 as the crowd pops and begins a “This Is Awesome!” chant! The match continues. Dunne With a Snap German Suplex. Balor hits the knee. Balor sees the end in sight as he hits a Dropkick to Dunne. Balor heads up top, looking for the Coup De Gras, Dunne catches Balor in the Triangle in the center of the ring for the counter! Balor swings on Dunne, then struggles for the center of the ring, Dunne rolls Balor over. Dunne applies pressure to the sensitive jaw of Balor. Balor gets his foot to the bottom rope as he passes out!

Balor is out cold, Dunne senses it as he drags Balor to the center of the ring. The referee looks the champ over as Balor says he can continue. Dunne with a Kick to the face of Balor. Balor gets the 1916, the two go back and forth. Dunne gets locked in a submission by Balor! Dunne again grabs the fingers of Balor and rips them apart! The crowd “Boos!” Balor swings with his one good hand, then an Arm Drop. Dunne holds tight to the hand of Balor. Dunne with the Bitter End and the cover for the two count as Balor kicks out!

The crowd breaks into a “This is Awesome!” chant. Dunne hits several Double Foot Stomps to the hands of Balor. DDT for the counter by Balor. Balor to his feet, heads in and takes a Dropkick followed by an Enzuguri, Dunne looks for the Bitter End, Balor counters and gets the cover!

Dunne somehow kicks out! Dunne is laid out, but somehow STILL holding the fingers of Balor! Both men back to their feet, Balor with a Kick to the ankle of Dunne! Balor pulling the Bruiser Weight to his knees. Balor rips the mouth guard from the mouth of Dunne and hits a Double Dropkick.

Finally, “The Prince” hits his top-rope Coupe de Grace followed by 1916 to score the pinfall victory over “The Bruiserweight” Pete Dunne, retaining his NXT Championship in an excellent main event that was one for the ages and is one that will go down in NXT TakeOver history for sure.

Winner and STILL NXT Champion: Finn Balor

In-Ring: Finn Balor, Pete Dunne, Danny Burch, Oney Lorcan, Undisputed Era

Finn Balor stands tall in the center of the ring for the victory as the referee straps the NXT Championship title around the waist of “The Prince.” We head into replays from the match. Balor climbs to the top turnbuckle, his hands looking like claws after the injuries he endured during the match by Dunne’s small-joint manipulation locks. Balor holds both hands in front of him as he poses on the ramp in typical style of “The Prince.”

Then, out of nowhere, all hell breaks loose to close out an eventful NXT TakeOver: Vengeance Day special event.

Oney Lorcan and Danny Burch run out and attack Balor from behind as the crowd boo’s loudly. Dunne joins in as Balor is thrown back into the ring to endure more punishment after an already incredibly taxing main event battle against a tough and durable Dunne

Dunne hits the official and now he delivers some additional shots to the jaw of Balor. Lorcan and Burch continue to stomp on the NXT Champion until suddenly The Undisputed ERA sprints down to the ring to make the save.

Adam Cole, Kyle O’Reilly and Roderick Strong hit the ring. Balor looks hesitant to accept help from O’Reilly, who reaches out to assist him to his feet. Balor finally accepts. Respect is shown by Kyle O’Reilly as he states, “You’re a real champion, man.”

The Undisputed ERA pose next to Balor and then it happened.

Out of the clear blue, Adam Cole lands a kick to Balor that sends the NXT Champion crashing down to the mat. O’Reilly looks shocked. He is pissed and tells Cole “that’s not cool!” This leads to Cole laying out O’Reilly with a big kick as well. Cole exits the ring to end the show as the NXT Universe is left in shock and disbelief at what they just witnessed.