WWE: Andrade Release Request Update, Charly Caruso Backstage Heat, Mustafa Ali on Retribution

Andrade WWE Status Update

As noted before, Andrade has been away from WWE television since the October 12, 2020 episode of RAW due to the company’s lack of creative plans for him.

Andrade stated earlier today on Twitter that the recent rumors and reports of him asking for his release from WWE last week are true. Andrade also stated that he does not know what his future will be but he is currently hopeful that his release will be granted by the company.

Charly Caruso Reportedly Has Backstage Heat Within WWE

RAW backstage interviewer and RAW Talk host Charly Caruso reportedly is currently dealing with backstage heat within WWE, according to Fightful Select.

It was reported that this was the reason why Caruso has been absent from recent episodes of RAW and RAW Talk. WWE officials reportedly had recently received complaints from talent regarding Caruso being late for scheduled interviews with talent on RAW.

It was reported that WWE officials have pulled Caruso from her duties on RAW and RAW Talk as punishment for the foreseeable future.

Caruso’s contract with WWE reportedly is set to expire soon and it is currently not known what her future status in the company will be.

Mustafa Ali Comments on When He Found Out He Would Be Joining Retribution

Comicbook.com held a recent interview with Mustafa Ali and one of the topics discussed included Ali revealing when he was told he would be joining Retribution and as the group’s leader.

“I wasn’t around during the formation of the group, so I don’t know. You never know here. They keep secrets for a reason. I found out I was joining Retribution that day, but I had been auditioning, so to speak. Again, man, storytelling, I kind of looked at my career at a snapshot. I made my return. Nothing really happened. I was off for seven months, for no apparent reason to me other than just creative had nothing for me.

When I was initially looking at the mirror, I go, ‘What is wrong with me? Nothing’s wrong with me. Look at me.’ Again, after seven months, you have to eventually have that look in the mirror and go, ‘What am I missing?’ I think the thing I was missing was a little bit of edge. I knew I could cut a great promo. But again, within the confines of being a good guy, you’re very limited as to what you can say.

So I presented the idea of doing something. It wasn’t being the leader of Retribution, it was, I met with Vince McMahon and the creative writing team and said, ‘I think I’m capable of doing more and this is the route I’d like to go.’ And it was basically, ‘Well, you’d have to show us.’
So I recorded my own promos, my own videos. I had to audition basically to not be a good guy anymore. And if you go back and you watch these WWE Main Event matches I was having before joining Retribution, you would see the small details, the storytelling when I was slowly becoming more aggressive, a little bit more violent, having a little bit more of these heelish tendencies in my matches.”