NXT Results – July 27, 2021 – Adam Cole vs. Bronson Reed

Results by Mike Hogan of Rajah.com

July 27, 2021
Orlando, FL – Capitol Wrestling Center
Commentary: Vic Joseph, Wade Barrett & Beth Phoenix

Quick Match Results

  1. Pete Dunne & Oney Lorcan defeated Timothy Thatcher & Tommaso Ciampa via the Bitter End by Dunne on Ciampa after a returning Ridge Holland attacked Thatcher
  2. NXT Breakout Tournament: Carmelo Hayes defeated Josh Briggs via top rope Famouser
  3. Kayden Carter & Kacy Catanzaro defeated Franky Monet & Jessi Kamea via neckbreaker and 450 splash on Monet
  4. Imperium defeated Hit Row (Ashante “Thee” Adonis & Top Dolla) via European Bomb on Top Dolla after interference by Legado del Fantasma
  5. Adam Cole defeated Bronson Reed via the Last Shot

Pete Dunne & Oney Lorcan vs. Timothy Thatcher & Tommaso Ciampa

After a brief video that opened our show and teased the end of last week’s program, our commentary team–WWE Legend Beth Phoenix, Wade Barrett, and Tom Phillip’s body-double Vic Joseph–welcome us. Ciampa & Thatcher waste no time coming straight out, followed by Dunne & Lorcan. Barrett is excited for a “masterpiece of savagery from these four men, four men who revel in violence from dishing it out and receiving.” So he’s expecting an S&M fight it seems. All four men lock eyes in the ring and the ref separates them as we ready for this match. Thatcher & Dunne will start it off, and the crowd starts us off with a “Thatcher’s gonna kill you” chant. The bell ring sand Dunne/Thatcher spend the opening moments looking for leverage, each man attempting multiple submission holds. A test of strength sees Thatcher forcing Dunne back impossibly far before sweeping his right foot back to drop out Dunne’s supporting leg. Thatcher looks to capitalize but Dunne quickly reverses roles and looks for a leg or ankle submission. Thatcher and Dunne break and circle, with their partners calling for the tag. Dunne and Thatcher instead slap hands in a very rare show of respect from the Bruiserweight. Both men look to lock up and both look for leg submissions. Finally, Thatcher’s had enough after a mule kick. Thatcher tags in Ciampa, and Dunne tags in Lorcan. Lorcan and Thatcher engage in similar offense, with neither man taking the upper hand for long. Both look to showoff their technical prowess. The ref briefly loses control, setting up that cool spot that Ciampa/Thatcher do now where they rain elbows down on their opponents at the same time. Dunne and Ciampa end up slugging it out before Dunne draws Thatcher back in. Dunne does an excellent job throughout the break in isolating Thatcher to the Bruiserweight’s corner. Dunne and Lorcan with a few quick tags to control Thatcher. Thatcher looks to escape but Dunne uses a series of impressive positional switches to keep Thatcher from making the hot tag. Lorcan comes in and lays out Thatcher with a big European Uppercut. Lorcan taunts Ciampa, then applies a thigh lock on Thatcher. As we return from break, Lorcan tags in Dunne. Dunne stands on the back of Thatcher’s knees, converts it into a 90-degree stretch as Lorcan tags in. Lorcan fires off hard chest chops as the crowd exclaims “oh!” and the ref counts a warning.Ciampa starts his comeback, running off the ropes multiple times to ram Dunne in one corner and Lorcan in the other. After a fourth time, Dunne and Lorcan duck under and look for a double-team. Instead, Ciampa with a double-clothesline that lays them out! Ciampa & Thatcher slap each other’s faces, firing up. All four brawl.

Dunne looks for his finisher but Ciampa counters with a Fujiwara Arm-bar! Lorcan attempts to slide into the ring but Thatcher catches him in an Ankle Lock and drags him out of the ring!

Without warning, Ridge Holland marks his return by attacking Timothy Thatcher outside the ring, out of view of the ref. This assist allows Dunne to capitalize on a distracted Ciampa with The Bitter End and pick up the win.

After the match, Ridge Holland seemingly joined Dunne & Lorcan and beat the tar out of Ciampa to end the segment.

Your Winners, Pete Dunne & Oney Lorcan!

Video Package: NXT Breakout Tournament Star Carmelo Hayes

The former Christian Casanova is ready for his match tonight and takes the few seconds he’s given to plug his abilities. Definitely one worth keeping an eye out for.

Backstage: Hit Row

Hit Row cut a promo on Legado del Fantasma backstage.

In-Ring: Samoa Joe, William Regal

Joe marches straight to the ring. Loud chants from the crowd. Joe retrieves a black, small folding table and sets it up as well as a chair. He tells us that he knows Kross is too big of a coward to show his face today, so he calls out GM Regal.

William Regal comes out to a soft chant and enters the ring. Joe tells Regal that he can see the rage in his eyes, and he knows Regal is pissed and is going to fire Karrion Kross tonight. Joe demands Regal listen to him. “I have a much better solution. I have a way to satisfy all of our needs in three easy steps. All you need to do is just humor me. Step number one, with this piece of paper I tender my resignation from NXT Management effective immediately. I quit. But with this (second) piece of paper, and your signature, you reactivate me as a part of the active Roster at NXT” The crowd flips out as Joe hands a pen to Regal to sign, loudly chanting and encouraging, alternating “Joe” chants and “sign it” chants. Loud pop when Regal signs, and a louder Joe chant. “But of course, I said this was a three step process. And with this (third) paper, you will make it official–Samoa Joe vs Karrion Kross for the NXT Championship at TakeOver 36!” Again the crowd flips out and again, Regal signs the contract to massive pops. Regal tells Joe not to let him down and they shake hands as the crowd chants “Thank you, Re-gal!”

Segment: Cameron Grimes, LA Knight

We return from a break to the golf field. As LA Knight looks down the green, Grimes appears to be stroking something. The camera changes and Grimes asks Knight how long he wants him to wash his balls for. Grimes then gets in the driver’s seat of the golf cart. Knight tells him to give him a driver, and Grimes points out that he’s in the driver’s seat. Knight tries to give Grimes a quick lesson on the different golf clubs. Grimes constantly interrupts Knight, attempting to make bets on if Knight can hit a hole-in-one or not. His annoying antics upset Knight, throwing off his game.

NXT Breakout Tournament
Carmelo Hayes vs. Josh Briggs

We return to the CWC where Carmelo Hayes comes out first to a loud pop and great praise from our commentary team. Out next to heavy music is the 6’8 Josh Briggs. The bell ring sand we start off with Briggs using the size differential to his advantage. Hayes looks to whip the 6’8″ monster but Briggs puts the brakes on. Briggs looks for a bear hug. Hayes escapes and pummels Briggs in the corner. Briggs shoves Hayes back. Hayes stumbles back into the corner. Briggs charges but a drop toehold sends him face-first into the turnbuckle. Hayes with a modified Pendulum dropkick. Hayes runs off the ropes but Briggs pops him up on the rebound, sending him out of the ring. Briggs pursues out. Hayes into the ring, Briggs looks to enter the ring but is intercepted by Hayes. Hayes with a middle-rope-caught springboard leg-drop (best way I can describe the unique move). Hayes looks for a Guillotine sleeper but can’t lock it on proper on the big man. Briggs shrugs off Hayes and runs him over with a big shoulder. The crowd boos loudly as we go to break. When we return, Briggs is in charge. Huge splash followed by a close pin. The younger, Australian Wade Barret Clone–Duke Hudson–has joined commentary during the break as he’ll face the winner of this match. Carmelo Hayes starts his comeback sequence in the ring and executes a perfect springboard attack that lays out the big man. Hayes counters a Chokeslam attempt into a Codebreaker and covers for a close two! Hayes maintains control, using his agility and stamina to run circles around Briggs. Briggs fights back, using his raw power to lay out Hayes. A huge Big Boot in the corner from Briggs. Briggs looks for a Sidewalk Slam but Hayes counters it into a spiral takedown. Hayes with another. Hayes heads up top and hits a beautiful modified Famouser off the top rope, putting away Briggs for the win!

Your Winner and Advancing in the NXT Breakout Tournament, Carmelo Hayes!

Backstage: Franky Monet, Robert Stone, Jessi Kamea, Kacy Catanzaro, Kayden Carter

Mackenzie is backstage with Franky Monet, Jessi Kamea, and Robert Stone. She asks Monet about a possible merger of Monet’s new, unnamed faction, with the RBS. She states it could happen. Catanzaro & Carter come up and make a lame comment about finishing each other’s sentences, before telling Monet to get to the back of the line.

Segment: Cameron Grimes, LA Knight, Ted DiBiase

We return from break and have another golfing segment. Grimes holds a hand over his mouth, giving silly commentary as if he were a sports announcer, and again Knight scrubs the shot (or whatever you golfers call it) and it goes into the water. Grimes laughs and reminds Knight that he owes him $10,000 now.

“The Million Dollar Man” Ted DiBiase drives up as Grimes retrieves the ball, and questions why Grimes is taking this abuse from Knight. Grimes explains he thought Ted would be disappointed if he (Grimes) didn’t keep his word. Ted gives him an endearing pep talk before encouraging him to be himself.

In-Ring: Raquel Gonzalez, Dakota Kai

The beautiful Kai & Gonzalez make their way out to decent pops. I sense a disturbance in the force. Gonzalez goes on about how she’s dominated the division and asks who’s next? She speaks in Spanish. Kai gets on the mic and praises her bestie. She then asks Raquel if she knows why the NXT Division is one of the greatest, and it’s because of one woman. She holds her Raquel’s hand and smiles, then looks up the ramp. She asks who has the balls to come out and challenge Raquel for a title shot at TakeOver 36. She looks on all four sides of the ring at the crowd, and up the ramp, exclaiming over and over there’s no one who can beat Gonzalez. Kai tells Gonzalez that as long as Kai’s got her back, no one can take her title. The music plays and both women celebrate, with Gonzalez posing to loud pops from the crowd…until Dakota Kai attacks! Kai streaks over, attacking Gonzalez and sending her hard to the canvas. She holds the belt above the fallen champion, speaks to her off-camera, then backs up the ramp as a hurt, betrayed champ stares aloofly at her former best friend.

Video Promo: Adam Cole

Cole tells us that we can’t keep his name out of our mouths. First Kyle O’Reilly, then Bronson Reed last week has the audacity to claim Cole is a rebound victory for him. Cole promises to remind Reed and everyone who exactly he is when all’s said and done.

Backstage: Io Shirai & Zoey Stark

Brief segment that shows Shirai working out solo. Zoey shows up and reminds her partner that she doesn’t have to train alone. A bit awkward.

Backstage: Mandy Rose, Gigi Dolin, Jacy Jayne

Mandy Rose, Gigi Dolin and Jacy Jayne are talking backstage. Rose shoos away the camera person.

Franky Monet & Jessi Kamea vs. Kayden Carter & Kacy Catanzaro

When we return to the Capitol Wrestling Center, everyone is ready but Monet who makes her way out. We start with Carter and Kamea. Carter with a dropkick and a quick tag. Carter with a basement dropkick, setting up a springboard senton from Kacy. Kacy with a headlock and backs up, allowing Kayden to tag in and roll-up Kamea. Kamea escapes and floors Carter with a Big Boot from the 6’0 Superstar. Carter shoves Kamea back, and Monet slaps her partner’s shoulder to tag herself in. Carter and Monet lock up. Money with a beautiful middle-turnbuckle-assisted DDT! Monet with a head toss followed by a running Meteora in the corner. Monet tags in Kamea and short whips Carter into the corner. Kamea strikes and attempts a cover. Robert Stone is at ringside, but seemingly talking to himself. Kamea tags in Monet, who punishes Carter’s back with big fists. Carter tries to fight back with one of her own but Monet dominates, using a thigh kick to drop Carter. Monet looks for a tag to Kamea. Carter knocks Kamea off the apron and Monet with a modified ground and …slap?

Robert Stone hops up on the apron and throws his journal at Monet. The ref gives him the stank-eye and Monet yells at Stone, demanding to know what he’s doing. He yells at her to “use it” and the distraction allows Carter to hit a neckbreaker on Monet and Catanzaro to hit a 450 and pick up a shocking win after a solid, albeit short, match.

Your Winners, Kacy Catanzaro & Kayden Carter!

Backstage: Roderick Strong, Malcolm Bivens

Roderick Strong and Malcolm Bivens were interviewed by Wade Barrett. Strong and Bivens put each other and their alliance over, and Strong said he will finish Bobby Fish next week.

NXT TakeOver 36 Updated Card

WALTER will defend his NXT UK Heavyweight Championship in a rematch, albeit postponed, against Ilja Dragunov. Karrion Kross puts his NXT Championship on the line against a returning Samoa Joe. Dakota Kai challenges Raquel Gonzalez for her NXT Women’s Championship.

Hit Row (Ashante “Thee” Adonis & Top Dolla) vs. Imperium

Ashante “Thee” Adonis & Top Dolla represent Hit Row in this contest, as Fabian Aichner & Marcel Barthel continue to represent Imperium. We return to the arena and our teams make their way out. Our commentary team hypes the fact that Hit Row is so over with the crowd, the crowd chants “Hit Row” (and he does it the way B-Fab does) all night long. Both teams start off slow. Neither team takes control for too long, with Adonis and Dolla putting on a strong effort against the former tag team champions. Imperium execute quick tags and wear-down maneuvers to try to slow down Hit Row as the younger, more agile and powerful squad easily go toe-to-toe with the veterans. The match goes back and forth for several minutes, with Hit Row gradually gaining the upper hand as the match draws on.

Top Dolla looks to end things when Legado Del Fantasma cause a distraction and interfere, allowing Imperium to steal the win with a European Bomb.

After the match, LDF attack Hit Row briefly before Swerve chases them off with a steel chair

Your Winners, Imperium!

Backstage: The Way

Indi Hartwell, Johnny Gargano, & Candice LeRae are backstage. Indi receives a delivery. In it is a drawing of she and Dexter, in love, and from Lumis himself. Candice snaps at her. So does Gargano. Indi asks Johnny to face Dexter, then–if Dexter really loves her he can beat Johnny, and Candice adds that when Gargano beats Dexter, InDex is “over.” We head to break.

Segment: Cameron Grimes, LA Knight, Grizzled Young Veterans

LA Knight and Grimes are preparing for another hole. The Grizzled Young Veterans show up and demand that Knight hurry up. Grimes gets defensive, pointing out that Knight “may” owe him ten grand and “may” hit the ball into the woods and “may” hit the water into the water, but he’s the Million Dollar Champion and they should show him respect. The GYV challenge Knight and Grimes, offering to double that ten-grand bet–$20,000 to whomever first hits a hole-in-one. Knight attempts and loses, and the GYV mock Knight. Grimes sets up behind Knight and as dramatic music plays, Grimes lines up his shot…swings back, hitting Knight from behind in the Crown Jewels, then swings hard and hits a hole in one–and the back of Knight’s head as the swing carries through! Grimes turns, excitedly exclaiming that they owe him $20,000. He sees a downed Knight and pulls up his boss, exclaiming “what have they done to you, Mr. Knight?” He tries to help up Knight as Knight regains consciousness and tries to sick Knight on the GYV for “attacking” him as both are unaware it was Grimes. The GYV haul ass in their golf cart, ending this segment.

Adam Cole vs. Bronson Reed

Back in the arena, time for our final main event match. As Reed doesn’t even reach the ring until 9:53 and Cole has to come out, expect an overrun again! Cole makes his way out and we’re ready for our main event! The bell rings and our competitors circle briefly. Cole wraps up Reed from behind; Reed simply smiles and whips Cole off easily. Reed playfully mocks him and Cole demands Reed shut up. Cole with a side headlock that Reed attempts to leverage into a side suplex. Cole resists. Reed whips Cole into the ropes to break the hold and stands stiff, letting Cole bounce off his chest. Cole with a dirty chopblock to the left knee of Reed, then uses the middle rope to tweak the knee as the ref warns. Cole runs off the opposite rope sand looks for possibly a dropkick, but instead bounces off Reed, who shakes his head. Reed with a Military Press, followed by a leaping elbow drop. Reed attempts a Panama roll but Reed drops down, hitting an Earthquake Splash on Cole to pin. The ref refuses to count because Reed’s sneaker is under the rope, so Reed breaks it. Reed takes Cole along the apron and into the corner, sitting him up on the outside of the third turnbuckle. Reed looks for a middle-rope Superplex but Cole locks on the brakes and throws fists. Cole with a head slam into the top turnbuckle. Cole looks for the Panama Sunrise but can’t power the big man. Cole slips under and hits a Superkick to the back of Reed’s leg, and the big man spills to the outside as we go to picture-in-picture break at 9:57pm.

During the break Cole continues to focus his assault on Reed’s weakened left knee, using a variety of working holds and clubbing strikes to wear it down. Reed attempts to gain separation with clubbing strikes but Cole continues to focus on that knee. Cole with a variety of knee attacks, including a knee drop and a single-leg inverted crab hold. Back from the short break as we are in overrun territory. Cole continues focusing on the left knee. Cole intentionally keeps the pace at a crawl, conserving his strength for powerful, perfectly-placed shots that hammer away at the left knee. Cole with a drop on the knee. Cole spends a lot of time catching his breath and talking smack. Reed makes it to a knee as Cole tells him “I’m the king of this ring.” The crowd begins a dueling chant and Reed, incensed by a slap to the face from Cole, fights to his feet. Both exchange blows. Reed with a whip to the corner and a splash. Reed whips Cole into the ropes and hits a running chest bump. Standing Senton for a close two from Reed. Reed looks for a Suplex but Cole escapes. Cole with a step-up Enziguri that connects quite loudly. Cole looks for a DDT but Reed counters, transitioning the move into a modified driver for another close count. Reed climbs to his feet and pulls Cole up. Reed looks for a bomb but Cole escapes and takes the lead back. Cole gets arrogant and executes a series of too-slow, too-low superkicks. Reed gets pissed and throws Cole into the corner, painfully slapping the chest rapid-fire as the ref warns him. Reed backs off and Cole immediately with a low-kick to the knee. Cole follows it up right away with a beautiful Panama Sunrise for a close two, but Reed kicks out! Cole is shocked. The crowd chants loudly as we’re five minutes past the hour. Cole lowers the right knee pad and looks for the Last Shot but Reed counters with a clothesline and a big Powerbomb.

Reed climbs up top quickly and looks for the Tsunami splash off the top! Cole dodges! Cole with a Superkick to the face! Cole with the Last Shot to the back of the head and picks up the big–and clean–win over the Colossal one!

Your Winner, Adam Cole!

Adam Cole celebrates on the ramp until Kyle O’Reilly attacks him with a steel chair. KOR beats Cole along the ringside area to boos, and DDTs Cole on the steel steps. Cole stares off into the distance as O’Reilly stands over him and we end our program, with yet the seeds planted for our O’Reilly/Cole rubber match.