WWE: WWE Pushed FOX to Drop Streaming Deal with MLW, New Hirings, Karrion Kross on New Attire

WWE Reportedly Pushed FOX to Nix Streaming Deal with MLW

A potential streaming deal between Major League Wrestling and FOX’s Tubi streaming service reportedly was recently nixed due to WWE’s involvement, according to Fightful Select.

It was reported that WWE officals did not respond favorably when they discovered that MLW was in talks with Tubi over a potential streaming deal for their content. One source close to the situation spoken to stated that these talks were close to being finalized and an official announcement was planned to be made soon prior to WWE’s involvement and their push to get FOX to nix the deal.

WWE Hires Two New Coaches for Performance Center

PWInsider’s Mike Johnson reported that WWE recently hired former wrestler Kenny Dykstra, real name Ken Doane, to a coaching job at their Performance Center. Johnson reported that Doane has been working in Orlando for at least the past several weeks. Doane recently updated his Twitter bio confirming his new coaching job in the company.

Besides Doane, WWE also recently hired former wrestler and SHIMMER co-founder Allison Danger, real name Cathy Corino, to a coaching job at their Performance Center, according to the Wrestling Observer Newsletter. Prior to her hiring, Corino had worked as a guest coach for WWE’s Performance Center this past May and was one of the guest trainers at WWE’s recent tryouts in Las Vegas, Nevada this past August.

Karrion Kross Comments on His New Wrestling Attire

A recent episode of the Table Talk podcast had Karrion Kross as the guest. One of the topics discussed included Kross’ thoughts on his new entrance and wrestling gear as part of his recent call-up to WWE’s RAW brand.

“I had received a briefing about, I guess it was a creative team conversation, a series of people attempting to expand on the original concept that was presented during NXT. I guess it was a team of people. The direction I think they were attempting to go in was essentially a gladiator idea. I had introduced the lower body gear at NXT when I competed against Finn Balor to get the title back. My original concept was like, this feels like what the coliseum days would be like. We’re in a circular area with people around. With the character presentation of Karrion Kross and the development, this wasn’t just a regular match people were getting into. Win or lose, you might not be coming out the same way. I was attempting to project that sort of energy into it. What they wanted to do when I was coming up was play off of that. That’s where we’re at with it.”

Transcript h/t: Fightful.com