More on WWE Latest Talent Releases – Hit Row, Top Dolla, & Drake Maverick

As noted before, WWE released eight wrestlers on Thursday over “budget cut” reasons. Among the talent released included all of the remaining members of Hit Row and Drake Maverick.

Dave Meltzer reported in this week’s Wrestling Observer Newsletter that WWE has released around eighty wrestlers since the start of this year and the vast majority were told the reason for their release was due to “budget cuts” issues.

In regards to Hit Row’s release, Meltzer reported that WWE officials likely saw no use of keeping Isiah “Swerve” Strickland and Ashante “Thee” Adonis once the decision was made to release Top Dolla.

In regards to Top Dolla, real name A.J. Francis, Meltzer reported that he had gained the reputation backstage of being someone who rubs people the wrong way. Meltzer reported that Top Dolla had this issue while he was on NXT and was quickly generating the same response backstage on the main roster. Meltzer also reported that Top Dolla did himself no favors after a recent tweet by him that was viewed as being disparaging towards other NXT call-ups who struggled on the main roster. Top Dolla claimed that Hit Row would not suffer the same fate as others called up from NXT because they had better promo skills.

In regards to Drake Maverick, Meltzer reported that his sources stated that Maverick’s release was not seen as a surprise within the company. Maverick reportedly was viewed as someone who had been considered to be cut for WWE’s last round of releases but somehow managed to survive until yesterday’s set of releases.

Meltzer reported that most who were cut yesterday would be under a 90-days no-compete clause due to being under main roster contracts.