GCW The WRLD on GCW Results – Jan. 23, 2022 – Jon Moxley vs. Homicide

January 23, 2022
New York City, New York – Hammerstein Ballroom
Results via Ian Carey of F4WOnline.com

Quick Match Results

  1. Pre-show: Pabst Blue Ribbon Battle Royal match – Big Vin won, last eliminating Charles Mason (16:30)
  2. Pre-show: Six-Way Scramble match – Grim Reefer defeated Alex Zayne, Dante Leon, Jack Cartwheel, Ninja Mack, and Shane Mercer via Tornado DDT (pinfall 7:48)
  3. Grab the Brass Ring Ladder match – AJ Gray defeated PCO, Alex Colon, Tony Deppen, G-Raver, Jimmy Lloyd, and Jordan Oliver (15:16)
  4. Team Gringo defeated Team Bandido via Gotch Style Piledriver (pinfall 14:11)
  5. Blake Christian defeated Lio Rush via 450 Double Stomp (pinfall 12:37)
  6. Matt Cardona defeated Joey Janela via Radio Silence (pinfall 19:41)
  7. Ruby Soho defeated Allie Katch via Riot Kick (pinfall 9:30)
  8. Jeff Jarrett defeated EFFY via The Stroke (pinfall 11:14)
  9. GCW World Championship – Jon Moxley (c) defeated Homicide via Paradigm Shift (pinfall 11:26)
  10. GCW World Tag Team Championship -Matt Tremont & Nick Gage defeated The Briscoes (c) via Choke Breaker (pinfall 5:37)

Pabst Blue Ribbon Battle Royal

Psycho Clown, Dark Sheik, Parrow, Cole Radrick, and Hoodfoot were all introduced first and started things out. More wrestlers would be introduced into the match periodically.  

The Indie Hall-of-Famer Ruckus entered next and got a nice pop. KTB and Juicy Finau then were the next two to enter. “Too Hot” Steve Scott entered next and became the first person eliminated when Psycho Clown tossed him out shortly after. 

Big Vin, Nate Webb, Jinai Kai, and Yoya entered separately after that. Brandon Kirk entered and got eliminated soon after. Marcus Mathers entered and got a nice pop.

Dustin Thomas came in, the wrestler who does not have legs, and gave a DDT to KTB followed by a senton from the top. Hoodfoot eliminated Radrick shortly after. 

Charles Mason and B-Boy entered. Mathers and Hoodfoot were both eliminated but the camera didn’t catch it. Parrow then tossed Dark Sheik onto both of them. Parrow might have eliminated all three. 

Another Hall-of-Famer, LuFisto, entered and got a big pop. At some point during her entrance, Psycho Clown was eliminated. 

There was a steady happening of eliminations at this point but the camera focused on LuFisto putting Yoya up in the torture rack. 

Thunder Rosa enters and gets a big response and a Thunder Rosa clap clap chant. 

LuFisto eliminated Nate Webb and then B-Boy shortly after. 

Parrow went to power-bomb Rosa out of the ring, but Rosa gave him a headscissors that took him over the ropes and to the floor. 

At this point we were down to LuFisto, Big Vin, Thunder Rosa, and Charles Mason. When Rosa was focussed on LuFisto, Mason attacked from behind and tossed her over the ropes. 

LuFisto was eliminated by Mason and Big Vin after, leaving them as the final two. Big Vin ended up chokeslamming Mason to the floor from the ring apron to win the match. 

Winner: Big Vin

Big Vin then celebrated his win by having a beer with his father, ECW’s 911.

Six-Way Scramble Match
Grim Reefer vs. Alex Zayne vs. Dante Leon vs. Jack Cartwheel vs. Ninja Mack vs. Shane Mercer

Lots of action early, arguably highlighted by Grim Reefer lighting up a joint and then springboarding on top of everyone to the floor. He got a nice moment to shine until Ninja Mack gave him a handspring moonsault and he rolled to the outside. 

Everyone was given a chance to get some time on offense for a period. Leon hit a really nice shooting star cutter from the top rope on Cartwheel. Shortly after, Zayne and Ninja Mack gave Zayn a poisonrana kick-to-the-face combo that the fans responded big to. 

Reefer and Mercer were left as the only two in the ring. They battled on the turnbuckle and Reefer gave him a tornado DDT onto a chair and got the three count. 

Winner: Grim Reefer via Pinfall.

Lots of fun and wild spots here. 

Brett Lauderdale and Dickinson cut a promo. Lauderdale talked about being a hard couple of years with the pandemic. He mentioned that he was once told by someone that they had “seen a million GCWs come and go.” He put over Allie Katch and Effy, saying that nobody’s seen a million of them.

He closed off by saying there’s only one GCW and at 8 pm we go live on PPV. 

Dickinson then got on the microphone and put over GCW as the company that gave him his break. He also said he’ll be back spring break weekend. 

Lauderdale then got back on the microphone and honored some people important to GCW that have passed away. Tracy Smothers, Justice Pain, Nate Hatred, Markus Crane, Danny Havoc all had their images flash on the screen. 

Stephen DeAngelis handed the ring introductions over to MLJ and the PPV portion of the show would begin.

Grab The Brass Ring Ladder Match
AJ Gray vs. Alex Colon vs. Tony Deppen vs. G-Raver vs. PCO vs. Jordan Oliver vs. Jimmy Llyod

I believe Lio Rush was advertised for this match but he wasn’t there. Nothing was mentioned about it. Earlier in the day he Tweeted about the show too. (It would later be revealed that Rush would be Jonathan Gresham’s replacement against Blake Christian).

AJ Gray, who was supposed to face Eddie Kingston on this show, was then announced as a late entry into this match. 

They went into ladder spots immediately. PCO and Colon hit a Doomsday Device on R-Raver with PCO hitting him with a ladder while coming off the top.  

PCO hit a tope cannonball onto everyone on the floor that the fans popped for. Deppen then hit a double spring-board 450 onto everyone and that also got a big response. Not long after, PCO hit a moonsault onto everyone on the floor again. 

PCO kept trying to climb the ladder, someone would try to stop him, then he’d toss them out of the ring and try again. Deppen was finally able to get him off the ladder after biting him on the face. 

Oliver hit a Clout Cutter onto Deppen from the ladder. He’d try to climb the ladder next but PCO caught up to him and chokelsammed him off. He then gave him a package piledriver on top of a ladder. 

Colon hit a double foot stomp on PCO and then climbed the ladder but was stopped by G-Raver. Raver then wrapped Colon in chairs and another ladder, climbed another ladder and then basically fell on top of the ladder and Colon after looking quite unstable on top of the ladder. Lloyd then gave Raver a razor’s edge over the ropes and onto a ladder that was set up on the floor. 

AJ Gray looked to come off a super high ladder onto Colon but he fell off of it and crashed to the mat. That looked a little scary. 

John Wayne Murdoch then came out and attacked Alex Colon, taking him out of the match. Meanwhile, in the ring AJ Gray knocked Lloyd off the ladder and successfully grabbed the brass ring. 

Winner: AJ Gray

This was rather insane.

Team Gringo (Gringo Loco, Arez, & Demonic Flamita) vs. Team Bandido (Bandido, Laredo Kid, & ASF)

Early on, Flamita went to the top, motioned like he was going to do something awesome, then flipped off the crowd and dropped to the mat without doing anything. That was pretty fun. 

Loco and Arez did the “row your boat” spot on Laredo and ASK. Flamita then rolled up Bandido in the middle of them for a two count. 

We had a lengthy series of near falls here. Flamita hit Bandido with a frog splash for a near fall. Laredo hit a 450 splash on Flamita and got a two count. Arez hit a springboard moonsault on Laredo for a near fall. ASK hit Arez with a Death Valley driver and got a two count. Gringo then hit a release suplex on ASK for another near fall. Bandido hit Gringo with a DDT for another near fall before a rather interesting spot was set up. 

We then got a giant double-decker chicken fight situation. Gringo had Laredo on his shoulders while Arez was on top of Laredo’s shoulders. They then fought with ASK who was on Flamita’s shoulders and Flamita was on Bandido’s shoulders. This ended with ASK hitting Arez with a Canadian Destroyer and holy sh*t chants. Then a very loud “guys, you got to go home” could be heard. Despite this, they all then took turns diving on each other to the floor for a while longer. 

Gringo Loco and ASK ended up the last two left in the ring. They both crashed to the mat from the top rope after they tried to do something unsuccessfully. Shortly after, Gringo gave him a piledriver and pinned him.

Winner: Team Gringo via Pinfall.

Blake Christian cut a promo and announced that Jonathan Gresham was not there and wouldn’t be on the show. He called on ROH to give him a title shot later. He came to wrestle, however, and so he called for someone to be brought out. Lio Rush’s music hit and he was announced as Gresham’s replacement. 

Blake Christian vs. Lio Rush

Christian locked Rush in an eastern stretch early as commentary focused on Rush’s history of neck and shoulder problems. Rush fought back and hit a falcon arrow for a two count. 

Rush went for his springboard stunner but Christian followed up behind him and gave him a running knee as he was coming off the ropes. He then hit a springboard 450 for a near fall. 

Rush fought back with a poisonrana, DDT, and the Final Hour frog splash for a near fall. Shortly after, Christian hit a dive from the mat to the floor and grabbed ahold of Rush in a reverse DDT position. He then picked Rush up and gave him a tombstone onto the floor. He rolled Rush into the ring, came off the top with a 450 double stomp and got the win. 

Winner: Blake Christian via Pinfall.

This was really good.

Matt Cardona vs. Joey Janela

We saw video highlights of what has led to this match including Janela’s photoshopped images of him with Chelsea. 

A “If Cardona Wins We Riot” sign very similar to one from One Night Stand 2006 was shown in the crowd. Metallica’s “Enter Sandman” then rang out through the venue. Cardona then walked through the crowd to the ring similar to how the Sandman used to do it. He was wearing a t-shirt that also had “If Cardona Wins We Riot” on it and that will likely be up at Pro Wrestling Tees shortly. Cardona also had a red flannel on that had “F*ck Mick Foley” written on the back. Not nice. 

Cardona told the crowd his parents were there so the crowd shouldn’t boo him. He spoke about him being the reason the Hammerstein sold out. Cardona promised to end Janela’s career before Tony Khan can fire him. 

Cardona hit Janela with a Radio Silence immediately after the bell for a two count. Cardona then brought a table into the ring but Janela fought back. Janela then gave Cardona a Death Valley driver through the table. 

Janela missed a diving cannonball and landed on a chair. This allowed Cardona time to recreate the John Cena t-shirt thrown into the crowd with the crowd throwing it back spot from One Night Stand 2006. The fan who caught it ripped it up first before tossing it back though. 

Then something seemingly unbelievable happened. Green appeared to turn on Cardona and gave him a low blow. She then encouraged Janela to go to the top rope but when he did, she pulled his leg out and crotched him on the ropes. Cardona then revealed he was wearing a cup and so evidently Green’s low blow didn’t hurt him and it had all been a clever ruse. 

Janela held up Cardona’s Internet title when “Smart” Mark Sterling came out. The lawyer told Janela if he uses the belt he’ll be disqualified. Sterling also announced a special guest and called for “Vince” to come to the ring. A man in a Vince McMahon mask then stood next to Sterling. When the man unmasked, however, it was Virgil (aka Vincent). Cardona got a near fall with a roll-up from a quite distracted Janela. 

Cardona got a bused open nose shortly after, I think from a superkick from Janela. Janela then gave him a Death Valley driver on the ring apron. 

Swoggle then came out from under the ring and attacked Janela. Sam Stackhouse then came out to take the fight to Swoggle. A lot is happening! Stackhouse missed a moonsault. Swoggle flipped off the crowd but then Marko Stunt hit the ring (nice pop) and tossed a chair at him. Even more is happening! Cardona then hit an inverted DDT on Stunt.

After Cardona and Swoggle were both put through doors, Chelsea Green got involved and gave Stunt a Canadian Destroyer. Janela then grabbed Chelsea and went to give her a piledriver but Cardona hit him with a chair. 

Cardona got a near fall off a Death Valley onto a chair. Green continued to hit Janela with a kendo stick but Janela fought back and gave her a piledriver. 

There was then more One Night Stand 2006 callbacks as a man in a motor cycle helmet came out and speared Janela through a table. Edge did this to Cena at ONS. The man unmasked and it was Brian Myers. Cardona then gave Janela the Radio Silence through a table and got the pin.

Winner: Matt Cardona via Pinfall.

As the fans began to riot (as was promised), Sean Waltman came out to make the save. Myers and Cardona got out of there before Waltman could his the Bronco Buster, however. Janela and Waltman then celebrated and walked out of the ring together. 

This was a lot of story and angles packed into one match but it was really fun. Cardona is on another level right now with his heel character in GCW. I have a feeling him and Janela really enjoyed putting this together.

Mance Warner, who has been out with a leg injury, walked out through the crowd. He cut a promo about how the fans have helped GCW take over. Atticus Cogar interrupted him. He said his 44OH faction are the real outlaws. He called the Second Gear Crew Brett Lauderdale’s snakes. They then started brawling. 

Matthew Justice then came to Mancer’s rescue and gave Cogar a spear. The rest of 44OH then came out and took advantage of the numbers game. The lights then went out and when they came back on Sabu and Bill Alfonso were in the ring. They both tossed chairs into the faces of various 44OH members, then Justice gave a splash from the top onto Gregory Iron.

Sabu, Alfonso, and the Second Gear Crew all celebrated while Pantera’s “Walk” rang out to close the segment.

Ruby Soho vs. Allie Katch

Respectful babyface vs babyface grappling to begin this match. Katch went for the piledriver early but Soho scurried out of it. 

Soho hit that move where she drivers her opponents head into the turnbuckle with her legs. She went for it a second time and Katch got out of it, however, and then Katch gave Soho her own version of the move. Katch went for the piledriver again shortly after. She later went for Soho’s Riot Kick but Soho countered. It seems like the story might be that Katch idolizes Soho so much that she knows all of her moves. 

Soho hit the Riot Kick but Katch kicked out. Soho missed a double foot stomp off the ropes and Allie countered with a knee strike and piledriver for a near fall. They’ve now each kicked out of the other’s finisher. They battled on the top turnbuckle and Katch went for a piledriver from the top but Soho countered and gave her the Riot Kick from the top and got the pin.

Winner: Ruby Soho via Pinfall.

Crowd booed, they wanted Allie to win. Big Allie chants after the match.

This was good even though the crowd was disappointed with the finish.

EFFY vs. Jeff Jarrett

Effy put a $20 bill on the floor to start the match and told Jarrett to take it. Jarrett didn’t and the ref picked it up. 

Pretty slow start, with Effy doing some of his funnier spots until Jarrett took over as they brawled to the outside. Jarrett started hitting Effy with his belt. Jarrett continued using his belt as a weapon as they got back in the ring. He tied Effy to the turnbuckle with the belt and went outside to get a chair. Effy got loose, however, and turned the tables on Jarrett. 

Effy then got a hold of the belt and whipped away at Jarrett. Effy missed a top rope attack and Jarrett picked up the guitar. Effy gave him a low blow, however, and got a near fall. Shortly after, Jarrett hit Effy with a guitar shot. Effy no sold it for a second but then Jarrett hit the Stroke and got the win.

Winner: Jeff Jarrett via Pinfall.

I don’t think the crowd was happy with Bussy losing two straight.

GCW World Championship
Homicide vs. Jon Moxley (c)

The crowd chanted “F*ck Bully Ray” to start this match. 

The match spilled to the outside early. Moxley grabbed the early advantage after a neckbreaker on the apron. He then got a two count off a piledriver shortly after. 

Homicide got a two count off a top rope cutter. He went for Cop Killer but Moxley fought out of it. Moxley hit a double-arm DDT for a two count, he then locked in the bulldog choke but Homicide got to the ropes. 

A little while later Moxley hit a DDT onto a chair for another two count. He went for another DDT but Homcide countered into a pinning combination for a two count. Moxley then hit a clothesline followed by a DDT onto a chair and got the three count.

Winner: Jon Moxley via Pinfall to retain the GCW World Championship.

Moxley bowed in respect to Homicide after the match. The crowd gave Homicide a nice hand after the match.

GCW World Tag Team Championship
Matt Tremont & Nick Gage vs. The Briscoes (Jay & Mark Briscoe) (c)

Matt Tremont was the first one announced as answering the open challenge. Dewey Donovan then came out and Nick Gage’s music hit and he walked through the crowd. 

Gage put Jay through a door immediately to start the match. The Briscoes then tossed a bunch of plunder into the ring. Jay and Tremont fought with chairs and then Mark and Gage hit each other with broken parts of doors. 

Donovan went to give Nick Gage a pizza cutter but Jay caught him with a chair to the face. This allowed the Briscoes a period of offense. 

Mark hit the froggy elbow on Tremont through a door for a two count. Gage fought with Mark on the turnbuckle and was able to give him a piledriver from the second rope through a door. Gage then picked Mark up and gave him a chokeslam-backbreaker and got the pin.

Winner: Matt Tremont & Nick Gage via Pinfall to become the new GCW World Tag Team Champions.

Jay Briscoe argued that Mark had his shoulder up.

Nick Gage cut a promo after the match about loving his MDK gang as the roster came out and hung out in the ring and the show closed.