NXT Results – Jan. 25, 2022 – Grimes vs. D’Angelo, Dusty Cup

Results by Richard Trionfo of PWInsider.com

Tuesday, January 25, 2022
Orlando, FL – NXT Arena (WWE Performance Center)
Commentary: Vic Joseph & Wade Barrett

Quick Match Results

  1. Dusty Rhodes Tag Team Classic First Round Match: MSK defeated Jacket Time via doomsday blockbuster on KUSHIDA
  2. No Disqualification Falls Count Anywhere Match: Solo Sikoa defeated Boa via frog splash through a table
  3. Duke Hudson defeated Guru Raaj via Splash Mountain
  4. Six Woman Tag Team Match: Kay Lee Ray, Persia Pirotta & Indi Hartwell defeated Toxic Attraction (Mandy Rose, Gigi Dolin & Jacy Jayne) via TKO gourdbuster by Pirotta on Dolin
  5. Dusty Rhodes Tag Team Classic First Round Match: Grizzled Young Veterans defeated Andre Chase & Bodhi Hayward via double codebreaker on Hayward
  6. Io Shirai defeated Tiffany Stratton via moonsault
  7. Cameron Grimes defeated Tony D’Angelo via the Cave In after Pete Dunne hit D’Angelo with a cricket bat

Dusty Rhodes Tag Team Classic First Round Match
MSK vs. Jacket Time

We see MSK next to the Dusty Classic trophy. Lee mentions they debuted last year and won. Carter says that Riddle taught them what they needed to do to win. Lee says they are destined to win this.

KUSHIDA and Carter start things off and KUSHIDA with a waist lock but Carter with a reversal. KUSHIDA with a wrist lock and Carter with a wrist lock take down. Carter with a kick to the back of the leg and Lee tags in. They send KUSHIDA into the turnbuckles and Lee with a cover for a near fall. KUSHIDA goes for a kick but Lee avoids him. KUSHIDA with a wrist lock and Jiro tag in. They work on the arm and then they kick the arms. JIro misses a punch and Lee with leg sweeps and near falls. Lee avoids Jiro. Lee with a drop kick to Jiro. Jiro with a palm strike that flips Lee. Jiro with a double sledge and punches. KUSHIDA tags in and Jiro and KUSHIDA alternate running palm strikes. They hit a double bulldog.

KUSHIDA with a wrist lock and tags in Jiro. Jiro with chops to the arm. Jiro with a palm strike but Lee with a forearm and Irish whip. Lee is sent to the apron but Carter tags in. Lee with a kick and Carter with a bronco buster. Carter gets a near fall. Carter wtih a rear chin lock and Jiro with a punch. Lee tags in and Jiro blocks a kick. Jiro sends Carter into Lee and then Jiro with a punch. Carter blocks a shoulder and Lee with a kick from the apron. Lee gets a near fall. Carter tags in and ee trips Jiro and Carter with a chin lock while Lee hits a drop kick. Carter gets a near fall. Carter with an uppercut and Lee tags in. Carter with a snap mare and Lee with a slingshot hesitation senton. Lee with punches.

Lee with a front face lock and Jiro with punches. Lee with a drop kick and a near fall. Carter tags in and hits a slingshot senton for a near fall. Carter with a front face lock and Lee tags in and punches Jiro. Lee goes for a belly-to-back suplex but Jiro counters into a lateral press for a near fall. KUSHIDA tags in and he connects with palm thrusts to Lee and Carter. Lee with a sunset flip but KUSHIDA rolls through and kicks Lee. KUSHIDA with a hip toss and cartwheel followed by a drop kick to Carter. KUSHIDA with a punch and kick to the arm. KUSHIDA with a handspring kick to knock Lee and Carter off the apron. Lee is sent back into the ring and Jiro tags in.

They Irish whip Lee into the corner and KUSHIDA is sent to the floor. Lee kicks Jiro and Lee kicks Jiro and tags in Carter. Carter with forearms and a chop to Jiro. Carter with an ankle pick on a leap frog attempt by Jiro followed by a German suplex. Carter with a series of kicks and a leg sweep followed by a kick and a shooting star press for a near fall. Lee tags in and Carter is sent into Lee against the turnbuckles. Lee with a shoulder to Jiro from the apron but Jiro counters Lee coming into the ring and Jiro with a reverse pile driver for a near fall. KUSHIDA tags in and they hit a double hip toss followed by a double cartwheel and double drop kick. KUSHIDA gets a near fall.

KUSHIDA sends Carter to the floor. Jiro tags in and he goes up top. KUSHIDA is sent into Jiro on the turnbuckles. Jiro goes back up top and misses a swanton. Carter and KUSHIDA tag in and Carter with a jumping knee. KUSHIDA gets his knees up when Lee pushes Carter onto KUSHIDA. KUSHIDA with a hoverboard lock but Carter runs KUSHIDA Into the turnbuckles. Lee tags in and they hit the doomsday blockbuster on KUSHIDA for the three count.

Winners: MSK (advance to face Malik Blade and Edris Enofe)

After the match, both teams shake hands and show each other respect.

Backstage: Io Shirai, Zoey Stark, Tiffany Stratton

Zoey Stark is with Io Shirai and Zoey talks about the Dusty Cup and she mentions she debuted in last year’s Dusty Cup. Zoey says she is rehabbing her knee and she won’t be ready. Io asks why does it matter. Zoey tells Io it would be great for Io’s name to be on the trophy. Io says she does not need a partner. Zoey asks if that means that Io likes her.

Tiffany Stratton says that Zoey looks like she got her outfit from the bargain bin. TIffany says that Io will have plenty of time to look for a partner after she beats her.

Backstage: Cameron Grimes

We are back and Cameron Grimes says he has some boys with him, but tonight is to see who is the better man. Who is the tougher man? There is no one tougher than Cameron Grimes because he is going to Vengeance Day to face Carmelo Hayes.

Backstage: Carmelo Hayes & Trick Williams

We see a vehicle arriving at the building and Carmelo Hayes and Trick Williams arrive with singer Olliejayy.

In-Ring: Santos Escobar, Bron Breakker

Santos Escobar says since Bron Breakker has shown his ugly face in NXT, they say the same thing. They mock him because of his uncle, father, and his family’s poor math skills. When the jokes are done, they tell Bron how special he is and how huge a star he will be some day. Some even say he is a huge star now. He is not going to do that. Escobar says he is real from the start and that is something he was taught by his father. We are from similar upbringings so your family does not impress me and you don’t intimidate me. I don’t like you. I despise you and how fast you got here and how you were given these opportunities. I despise that you won the NXT Championship before me. You have been here a handful of months and you make me sick.

Bron Breakker’s music interrupts and he makes his way to the ring. Bron tells Santos that he thinks he is a great superstar, but you are insecure. You need him, him, and her. We did have similar upbringings but my family taught me to handle things face on while your family…

Santos tells Breakker not to talk about his family but Bron tells Santos that the champ is speaking. He says if you want to make the challenge, I will accept it.

Santos says that Bron has a target on his back and you don’t have anyone on your side. We will do things on my time and when it is time, you will know.

Escobar and Lopez leave the ring. Wilde and Mendoza try to attack Breakker but Breakker stops them and sends them to the floor.

No Disqualification Falls Count Anywhere Match
Solo Sikoa vs. Boa

In a vignette before the match, Boa says that when he gets his powers impending doom arrives. He says the powers are uncontrollable. He says that you don’t understand what you have unleashed.

Boa attacks Sikoa from behind with a kendo stick as Sikoa makes his way to the ring. The referee starts the match. Boa with more kendo stick shots to Sikoa. Boa with more kendo stick shots to Sikoa. Boa sends some weapons into the ring but Sikoa with a Samoan drop. Sikoa and Boa put chairs in opposite turnbuckles. There is a chair in the center of the ring and both men dive for it like an XFL ‘kickoff’. They both grab the chair and Boa has it and hits SIkoa in the ribs and back with it. Boa hits Sikoa with the chair again. Boa with knees to Sikoa followed by a butterfly suplex onto a trash can for a near fall. Boa goes back to the floor and looks under the ring for more weapons and he pulls out a table. Boa sets up a table next to the announce table.

Boa and Sikoa fight to the back and Sikoa with punches as Boa falls over a chair. Sikoa hits Boa with a chair. Sikoa with punches as they fight further into the back. Boa with a kick and Sikoa is sent into a stack of ladders a few times. Boa tosses a few ladders at Sikoa and then he hits Sikoa in the ribs with a ladder. SIkoa moves when Boa tries to run the ladder into Sikoa against the metal doors. Sikoa with a splash into the ladder against Boa and Sikoa gets a near fall. Sikoa misses a running hip and hits the garage door. Boa slams Sikoa’s head into the door and Boa with a kick to the chest. Boa runs Sikoa’s head into the door. Sikoa is sent outside and Boa tries to go outside but Sikoa has closed the door.

Boa pulls up the metal door but he is met with a fire extinguisher spray. They fight back towards the ring and Sikoa hits Boa with a chair and then Boa is sent into the ring post. They return to the ring. Sikoa puts another chair in the turnbuckles. SIkoa with knees and Boa is sent into the chair that Boa set up in the turnbuckles. Boa is sent into the two chairs in the turnbuckles set up by Sikoa. Sikoa with a thrust kick and he goes up top. Boa hits the ropes and crotches Sikoa. Boa sends Sikoa into the announce table. Boa with a kick to the midsection and Sikoa with a Samoan drop onto the announce table. Sikoa moves the table and puts Boa on it. Sikoa goes to the turnbuckles and sets for a frog splash through the table and he hits it and gets the three count.

Winner: Solo Sikoa

Backstage: Imperium

We are back with Imperium and they say that their name stands for success. Gunther says he was named for his grandfather, who introduced him to wrestling, but that time is over. it is time to close the door on the past and it is time for a whole new age led by the man who will spread pain and fear throughout WWE.

Duke Hudson vs. Guru Raaj

Hudson with a kick and punches to Raaj. Hudson sends Raaj into the turnbuckles and follows with kicks. Hudson with an Irish whip and side slam. Hudson with Splash Mountain for the three count.

Winner: Duke Hudson

After the match, Dante Chen comes out and says he will give Duke the respect that Duke did not show him last week. He announces that he is going to attack Duke. Chen comes into the ring and officials separate them. Hudson goes after Chen’s previously injured leg.

Backstage: Persia Pirotta, Indi Hartwell, Kay Lee Ray

We see Persia Pirotta and Indi Hartwell in the back with McKenzie Mitchell. Persia comments on Duke and Indi tells Persia to focus. Persia says they are one step closer to winning the tag titles. Kay Lee Ray shows up and she says that there is more to being a champion. What Mandy represents is the opposite of what is around her waist. Kay Lee tells them they get to stake their claims for the tag titles while she makes her claim for the Women’s Title. Kay Lee says that their next photo shoot might be without their titles.

Backstage: Legado Del Fantasma

We are back and McKenzie asks Santos why he didn’t accept Bron’s challenge. Wilde says Breakker has to find out what happens when you disrespect Legado del Fantasma. Escobar says he will learn what happens when you mess with Legado. Bron will have to face both of him men two on one unless he can find a tag partner. Lopez says that Bron said he is the first to arrive and the last to leave. Santos says they will stay a little longer.

Six Woman Tag Team Match
Toxic Attraction (Mandy Rose, Gigi Dolin & Jacy Jayne) vs. Kay Lee Ray, Persia Pirotta & Indi Hartwell

Mandy and Persia start things off. Kay Lee wants to tag in and she does but Mandy backs into the corner and says something to Jacy. Jacy tags in and they lock up. Ray backs Jacy into the corner and Persia tags in and she kicks Jacy and applies waist lock. Jacy with a standing switch and Jayne goes for an O’Connor Roll but Persia holds on to the ropes. Indi tags in and she kicks Jayne and gets a near fall. Indi goes for a suplex but Jayne with a kick and jumping knee. Jayne with a shoulder in the corner. Dolin tags in and snap mares Indi but misses a kick. Indi with a rollup for a near fall. Dolin with an Irish whip and a chop in the corner. Mandy tags in and she suplexes Indi.

Mandy knocks Ray off the apron. Indi with a rollup for a near fall. Indi with a clothesline and Persia tags in. Persia with a tilt-a-whirl back breaker and Indi with a clothesline for a near fall. Ray tags in and Mandy goes to the floor. Rose kicks Ray but Ray sends her to the apron and Ray knocks Rose off the apron. We have five of the women on the floor and Ray with a swanton onto the champions. Jayne tags in and Ray with a forearm and chop. Persia tags in and she kicks Jayne in the corner. Indi tags in and she kicks Jayne. Jayne with a forearm to Indi. Indi with a boot to Jayne and Indi knocks Mandy and Gigi down on the apron. Jayne distracts the referee and Mandy and Gigi pull Indi down and Jayne gets a near fall.

Jayne with a back senton and Dolin tags in. Dolin with a forearm to Indi followed by a snap mare and kick to the back. Dolin with Kawada kicks and Mandy tags in and kicks Indi in the midsection. Mandy with an elbow drop. Mandy keeps Indi from making the tag. Indi with an Irish whip and Mandy knocks Ray off the apron. Indi with a side slam but she cannot capitalize. Jayne comes in and Indi kicks Jayne away. Jayne pulls Persia off the apron. Dolin tags in and kicks Indi and gets a near fall.

We are back and Mandy with a body scissors and Indi leans back to get a near fall. Mandy with a front face lock and Jayne tags in. Jayne with kicks to the back. Jayne with a neck breaker for a near fall. Jayne and Indi exchange chops. Both women with boots at the same time and both go down. Persia tags in and clotheslines Dolin a few times and hits a splash into the corner. Persia with snake eyes and a German suplex for a near fall. Ray sends Jayne into the turnbuckles and Indi with a spinebuster to Jayne. Mandy with a kick to Indi. Ray takes Rose down and she gets the bat. Ray swings and misses and Rose goes to the floor. Ray hits the steps when she was swinging for Rose.

Rose continues to back pedal and Ray hits the ring post. Rose and Ray go to the back. Persia and Gigi are in the ring and Persia goes for a suplex but Dolin with an inside cradle for a near fall. Persia with a thrust kick and a TKO gourdbuster for the three count.

Winners: Indi Hartwell, Persia Pirotta, and Kay Lee Ray

Video: Edris Enofe & Malik Blade

We take a look at Edris Enofe and Malik Blade. Blade says he cannot believe they are in the semifinals. Enofe says they can go all the way. He says if they win, they will ask out Mandy Rose. Blade likes the idea but will she say yes? Enofe says no one thought they would make it this far in the Dusty Classic. No one said they would beat Harland and Gacy. No one said they would beat Legado del Fantasma. Blade says they will go for the tag titles and Enofe says they will ask out Mandy. Blade says that he will ask out Jacy and Gigi.

Earlier Today: Raquel Gonzalez, Cora Jade

We see Raquel Gonzalez training earlier today and Cora Jade asks Raquel if she thought about it. Raquel says no. Cora wants to prove that she can be her partner and asks if this is about the Dusty. Raquel says that she knows what it takes to win. You jumped off a cage in a single match but the Dusty Classic is multiple matches. Cora wants to prove it to her. Some of the trainees try to separate them and Raquel tells Cora not to push her.

Dusty Rhodes Tag Team Classic First Round Match
Grizzled Young Veterans vs. Andre Chase & Bodhi Hayward

Chase and Drake start things off and they lock up. Drake with a wrist lock into an arm bar. They lock up and Drake with a wrist lock Chase with a reversal and arm wringer. Chase with a side Russian leg sweep and the C-H-A-S-E-U Stomp. Chase with a European uppercut and Hayward tags in and applies a wrist lock. Chase tags in and punches Drake. Hayward tags in and he gives Drake a shoulder and follows with a sunset flip for a near fall. Hayward with a wrist lock and Chase tags in and goes up top with a double sledge off the turnbuckles. Chase with jabs and a Bionic Elbow. Gibson tags in and he trips Chase and pulls him to the floor. Drake with a slingshot to assist with a shoulder breaker on the floor.

Gibson works on the shoulder. Gibson with an Irish whip. Chase with elbows and a back slide for a near fall. Gibson blocks the tag. Chase goes for a sunset flip and Gibson blocks it. Hayward tags in and goes for the knee a few times and punches Drake on the apron. Hayward catches Gibson on a cross body and hits a slam. Hayward with a series of splashes. Drake distracts Hayward and Gibson with a double thrust to the throat. Drake knocks Chase off the apron and hit a double Codebreaker for the three count.

Winners: Grizzled Young Veterans (advance to face The Creed Brothers)

After the match, Von Wagner attacks Bodhi Hayward. Wagner with punches and an Olympic Death Valley Driver. He gives one to Chase as well.

Robert Stone joins Wagner in the ring and gives him his jacket. Stone says that Wagner’s suspension has been lifted and he is under new management.

Backstage: Grayson Waller & Sanga

Grayson Waller tells LA Knight he thought he had him dead to rights. You thought Dexter Lumis could do the job but that wasn’t going to happen. He has one of the biggest Bollywood stars and he is his security. He tells Knight to read the injunction. Waller says he is waiting for Knight but Sanga is waiting for you first.

We are back with an update on Odyssey Jones and we are told that he suffered a patellar tendon injury.

Io Shirai vs. Tiffany Stratton

They lock up and Stratton with a waist lock. Io with a wrist lock and Stratton with a reversal. Io with a reversal of her own. Tiffany with a reversal and she uses the ropes for a take down. Stratton wit a knee. Stratton sends Io to the floor and Io shows some frustration. Stratton with a forearm but Io with a flapjack. Io with a running drop kick to the temple for a near fall. Stratton gets to the ropes and Io releases the hold. Tiffany sends Io to the mat and she kicks Io. Tiffany with a Cobra Clutch. Io gets to her feet and escapes but Tiffany with a knee and Irish whip followed by a handspring elbow into the corner for a near fall. Io pushes Stratton away. Io blocks a kick.

Io with a palm strike to Stratton and a running knee into the corner. Io with a slam and moonsault for the three count.

Winner: Io Shirai

Backstage: Malcolm Bivens & Diamond Mine

Malcolm Bivens says Gunther is a horrible name. This is the beginning of the end for Imperium. The Creeds will win the Dusty Classic and will take the titles. Roderick Strong is going to chop you and beat you then Ivy will stretch you. Bivens challenges Imperium to a Six Man Tag Match.

Julius says you are just European pretty boys. Roderick says no one out trains or out performs Diamond Mine. Enjoy that victory because it will never happen again.

Musical Performance: Olliejayy

Carmelo Hayes and Trick Williams are at ringside and they introduce Olliejayy.

Backstage: Tiffany Stratton, Wendy Choo

We are back and Tiffany Stratton is on the phone with her daddy and she complains about the referee.

Wendy Choo tells Tiffany not to worry, everyone loses to Io in their first match. Stratton slaps away her beverage and Wendy complains about her free refill.

Next Week

Next week we will have the Imperium versus Diamond Mine match as well as Raquel Gonzalez versus Cora Jade. We will also see Bron Breakker and a partner of his choosing against Legado del Fantasma.

Cameron Grimes vs. Tony D’Angelo

Backstage, Tony D’Angelo says that Grimes’ griping will stop in a few minutes. Then I have a date with destiny for the North American Championship at Vengeance Day.

Grimes backs Tony into the ropes and Grimes with a wrist lock and take down. D’Angelo with a take down and wrist lock. Grimes with an arm drag. Grimes sends Tony to the floor and Cameron with a running kick from the apron.

We see Hayes and Williams on the balcony.

Grimes with kicks and chops to Tony and then Tony is sent into the turnbuckles. Tony sends Grimes to the mat and follows with a belly-to-belly suplex. Tony chokes Grimes and connects with shoulders in the corner. Tony with an Irish whip and Grimes goes over the turnbuckles to the floor. Tony sends Grimes into the apron and they return to the ring. Tony with a back breaker for a near fall. Tony wit a knee to the back while Grimes is in the ropes. Grimes with a cross body.

Tony with a belly-to-belly suplex for a near fall. Tony with a reverse chin lock. Tony with a front face lock and punches. Tony with a belly-to-belly suplex for a near fall. Tony with kicks but Grimes blocks a kick and slaps Tony. Tony with a front face lock and punches. Tony with a suplex and he returns to the chin lock. Tony with a double leg take down and he gets a near fall. Tony with a waist lock. Grimes with elbows and a take down followed by a rana. Grimes with forearms. Grimes misses a knee in the corner and Tony with a German suplex for a near fall. Grimes with an inside cradle for a near fall. They exchange forearms. Grimes with a Spanish Fly cross body for a near fall.

Grimes with kicks in the corner followed by a boot in the corner. D’Angelo with an exploder into the turnbuckles and Tony gets a near fall. Tony with a punch and Grimes with a kick and he slips on the turnbuckles and then hits a moonsault out of the corner. Grimes with a running boot into the corner. Grimes goes up top and hits a cross body for a near fall. Tony goes to the floor when Grimes sets for Cave In.

Pete Dunne hits Tony in the hand with a cricket bat.

Tony goes into the ring and Grimes with Cave In for the three count.

Winner: Cameron Grimes

Parking Lot: Bron Breakker, Legado Del Fantasma, Tommaso Ciampa

Bron Breakker is in the back and he is asked about his partner for next week. Legado shows up while Bron is talking.

Tommaso Ciampa shows up to be Bron’s partner.