Various: Brian Myers & Deaner Impact Contracts Update, Tony Schiavone on The Rhodes AEW Departure, Indies

Brian Myers & Deaner Impact Wrestling Contract Status Updates

A recent episode of the Table Talk podcast had Brian Myers as the guest. One of the topics discussed included Myers revealing that his contract with Impact Wrestling recently expired but he is currently working under a verbal agreement with the company.

“I think we’re on the up and up in that sense [there being a multitude of places and ways to make a living in pro wrestling]. I think there’s just — wrestling fans are excited. I think coming out of the pandemic, they’re excited to support and go to these shows and you know, I think with AEW being so successful, I really think it’s the first time in a long time that there’s a real one and two, you know, which makes a big difference I think. So I’ve been enjoying it. I’m a straight-up free agent. I just have a verbal agreement with IMPACT and all the places I work and it’s been incredible, it’s been so much fun, you know? And literally, I’m like my boss. Like I said, that’s kind of like at the end of the day, a priceless kind of thing in pro wrestling and I can do and go where I want when I want.”

In a recent interview with Slam Wrestling, Cody Deaner revealed that he recently signed a contract extension with Impact to remain in the company for the foreseeable future.

“I believe that we have the best roster in professional wrestling.both in terms of the talent, but also in terms of the morale of the company. Everybody gets along, and it really feels like a team, it feels like family. So I definitely wanted to stay with my family. “I mean, as a professional wrestler, I’m also a businessman. I’m always open to exploring talking to other companies. A businessman is always going to ‘take the meeting.’ They’re not going to close the doors.

Being able to continue with the professional speaking business was a huge factor in my decision to re-sign with Impact.With Impact Wrestling, we have the freedom to follow our passions, and do things outside the bubble of the company. We can be our own businessmen and businesswomen and do these other projects. We don’t have these thumbs squeezing you down, saying ‘you can’t do this, you can’t do that.’ If anything, it’s encouraged get out there and positively represent Impact. It was very important for me to have the freedom to do the professional speaking and the charity work that I do.”

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Tony Schiavone Comments on Brandi & Cody Rhodes’ Departure from AEW

A recent episode of the What Happened When podcast featured co-host Tony Schiavone discussing his thoughts about Brandi and Cody Rhodes’ recent departure from AEW.

“Cody Rhodes, to me, was one of the faces of AEW, obviously was. As we know, Cody was the one that got me in touch with Tony Khan after you got me in touch with Cody and that’s why I signed. Of course, I’m very close to the family. We took many bus rides together to Jacksonville. I consider he and Brandi friends. We’re a better organization today because of them and I’d like to wish them both the best and thank them for what they’ve done for me. They probably a major role in what AEW is. After you get over the shock of it, it’s wrestling, it happens. This is the first one that has left our company, but it’s one of the biggest names that has left our company, that’s why it’s the biggest shock. I’m very surprised. I hope he does well. Most feel he’s going to WWE. I haven’t seen anything with the exception of all these wacky websites that says he is.”

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Misc. Wrestling News & Notes

Fightful Select reported that Jonathan Gresham was in attendance backstage during Wednesday’s episode of AEW Dynamite in Bridgeport, Connecticut.

Game Changer Wrestling recently announced that HitMakerZ, former Hit Row in WWE, will be making an appearance for the company at their For The Culture 2022 event on April 1st in Dallas, Texas.

Josh Barnett recently announced that Jon Moxley, Timothy Thatcher, and Janai Kai will be making an appearance for GCW at their Josh Barnett’s Bloodsport 8 event on March 31st in Dallas, Texas.

PWInsider’s Mike Johnson reported that production for season 2 of wrestling drama series Heels began this past Tuesday in Georgia.

PROGRESS WRESTLING recently announced a new match for the card of their Chapter 130 event on March 20th in London, England:

  • PROGRESS World Championship & Ring of Honor World Championship, Title vs. Title match – Cara Noir (PROGRESS) vs. Jonathan Gresham (ROH)

New Japan Pro Wrestling recently announced a new match for the card of their NJPW Strong themed Lonestar Shootout event on April 1st in Dallas, Texas:

  • Chris Dickinson vs. Tomohiro Ishii

Major League Wrestling announced a new match for the card of their SuperFight 2022 event on February 26th in Charlotte, North Carolina:

  • “Cashflow” Ken Broadway vs. Ikuro Kwon

Impact Wrestling announced a new match for the card of their Sacrifice 2022 event on March 5th in Louisville, Kentucky:

  • X-Division Championship – Jake Something vs. Trey Miguel (c)