Sasha Banks & Naomi RAW Walkout Incident Update

As noted before, Sasha Banks and Naomi were involved in a backstage incident prior to the start of last week’s WWE RAW show. This incident revolved around Banks and Naomi walking out of the show due to backstage creative issues resulting in WWE suspending and stripping them of their Women’s Tag Team Championship.

Fightful Select reported that their sources stated that there currently is “no end in sight” in regards to the current situation between Banks, Naomi, and WWE officials.

These same sources also stated that earlier reports of Banks and Naomi leaving prior to the start of last week’s RAW show are not correct and instead the duo had actually left right as the show was beginning.

Those close to the situation stated that they believe one possible reason why Banks and Naomi decided to leave was likely due to them feeling that they would not be able to continue discussions with Vince McMahon over their creative issues once the show started. McMahon would have been too busy backstage running the show to continue talks once RAW had started.

WrestleVotes reported that their sources also confirmed that Banks and Naomi’s current situation within the company is unlikely to be resolved any time soon. These same sources stated that they currently believe things will actually get worse before it gets any better due to the majority of WWE’s management are currently not in support of Banks and Naomi’s side of the situation.