WWE Reportedly Planning to Attempt to Reconcile with Sasha Banks & Naomi

As noted before, Sasha Banks and Naomi have been absent from WWE since this past May due to their current suspension following a walk out incident over backstage creative issues during the May 16th WWE RAW show in Norfolk, Virginia.

The Wrestling Observer’s Dave Meltzer was the guest of a recent episode of the Sports Illustrated Media podcast. During the interview, Meltzer stated that his sources stated that WWE officials are currently working on plans to attempt to reconcile with Banks and Naomi. Meltzer stated that Vince McMahon’s recent departure from the company has led to WWE being more open to resolve the issues between both sides.

“It’s kind of up in the air. I mean, they’re gone. The last I heard was that there would be attempts to be made to reconcile, especially with Vince gone. So, it’s up in the air. I don’t think there’s anything definite just yet.”

Transcript h/t: F4WOnline.com