Various: Road Dogg to be at Impact’s Emergence 2022 Event, Bound for Glory 2022 Update, Booker T

Road Dogg Comments on Working with Impact Wrestling Crew for Emergence 2022

Co-host Brian “Road Dogg” James revealed in a recent episode of his Oh You Didn’t Know podcast that he will be making an appearance for Impact Wrestling at their Emergence 2022 event next week in Cicero, Illinois. James stated that he will be “sitting in” with Impact’s crew backstage at the event.

“Oh, man, I loved it. I look, I can’t get enough of that. I can’t, I could do 10 hours of content a day, calling it like that. I just love it, man, I love finding the shot you need to tell the story and getting that shot on television to the viewer. That’s so cool, and when you’re in as close as you and I were Ryan, you know the feeling and the vibe that you want to be cast out from each segment. If you’re that close, you can kind of you can control some of that. But we also constructed the matches to do that with us. So look, I thought it banged on all cylinders, man, I would love being sitting in that seat. I’m I got some future events. I’m looking forward to going to Chicago in a couple of weeks and just sitting in with the IMPACT crew as they do their pay-per-view and their television taping. Then the next week, I think in Chicago, the Top Guy Weekend for Ad-Free. So looking forward to some upcoming events and excited about doing it man excited about hopefully getting back in the saddle.”

James also expanded on his recent statement of “begging” AEW CEO Tony Khan for a job in the company.

“Well, and look, truth be told, I’d love to work there because I do think I could make his television show better for the viewer. Having said that, I’m having a really good time right now doing the podcast, doing other people’s podcasts, doing stuff like this, doing the conventions and the signings and stuff, man. It’s so much fun, and I get to spend time with my family like I’m in a really good place. If I can pay the light bill, I’ll be happy just sitting right here.”

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Impact Wrestling Bound For Glory 2022 Update

As noted before, Impact Wrestling recently announced that this year’s Bound For Glory 2022 event will be taking place on October 7th in Albany, New York.

Fightful Select reported that their sources stated that the reason why Impact officials decided to change their original plans to hold the event in Danbury, Connecticut was due to scheduling-related issues.

It was reported that Impact originally had planned to hold the event on October 8th but changed it to October 7th due to WWE holding their Extreme Rules 2022 event that night. This decision reportedly meant that the event could no longer take place at the originally planned venue in Danbury due to scheduling issues with the venue. Impact officials reportedly then made the decision to hold this year’s Bound For Glory event in Albany instead.

Booker T Comments on Turning Down Last Match Offer for Harlem Heat

A recent episode of The Hall of Fame with Booker T & Brad Gilmore podcast had co-host Booker T discuss a variety of topics. One of the topics discussed included Booker T revealing that he recently turned down an offer for Harlem Heat to have a Last Match type event at next year’s Starrcast convention.

“I was approached actually to have a final match next year at Starrcast. Harlem Heat’s final match, here in Texas. I said, ‘Hell no. We ain’t doing none of that.’ I just had a match a couple of weeks ago, my knee was killing me. I can only imagine what it’s going to feel like next year. Y’all can forget about seeing me do one last match.

The thing is, I’m still working, I’m still having matches. You’re just never going to see me have a ‘last match.’ You’re never going to see me do much in the ring. I’m never going to build up a match like I’m doing a whole lot. ‘One tag in, one tag out. That’s it, I’m done, where’s my check?’ I learned from one of my teachers back in the day, ‘Hacksaw’ Butch Reed. I got to tag with him down in the Global Wrestling Federation, and he said ‘Man, I’m coming in one time. I’m coming out and asking for my check.’ That’s the way you do it.”

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