Impact Results – June 1, 2023 – Trinity vs. Savannah Evans, MCMG vs. SUBCULTURE

June 1, 2023
London, Ontario, Canada – Western Fair District Agriplex
Commentary – Tom Hannifan and Matthew Rehwoldt
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Quick Match Results

  1. Before The Impact pre-show: Brian Myers defeated Tyler Tirva via The Roster Cut (pinfall)
  2. Eddie Edwards defeated Yuya Uemura via Boston Knee Party (pinfall)
  3. Sami Callihan & Jake Crist defeated Deacy via Crist Cutter (pinfall)
  4. Trinity defeated Savannah Evans via Starstruck (submission)
  5. Jody Threat defeated Dani Luna via F-416 (pinfall)
  6. Motor City Machine Guns defeated SUBCULTURE via Dirt Bomb (pinfall)

In-Ring: Bully Ray, Steve Maclin, Motor City Machine Guns, SUBCULTURE

Bully Ray opens IMPACT after he shockingly returned to IMPACT at Under Siege, powerbombing IMPACT President Scott D’Amore through a flaming table. Bully gloats about his long history of putting people through tables, but he saves flaming tables for only those who anger him most. Bully insists he’s going nowhere and he’s going to become number one contender at Against All Odds. Steve Maclin interjects, and says everything that went down at Under Siege was only because Maclin allowed it. The Motor City Machine Guns interrupt as Shelley will challenge Maclin on June 9 at Against All Odds. Bully calls Shelley a great professional wrestler and calls back to Team 3D’s history with The Guns. But for as great as Shelley is, Bully believes Shelley could never defeat Maclin to become World Champion. Sabin points out he was one who beat Bully for the World Championship in 2013. Maclin questions whether Shelley can beat him to which Shelley responds “Yup.” The Guns challenge Bully and Maclin to a match tonight but Bully and Maclin decline. SUBCULTURE come out and accept instead, and they will face The Guns in our main event.

Backstage: Nick Aldis

Jimmy Jacobs is backstage with Nick Aldis. Nick Aldis comments on his victory over Kenny King at Under Siege. Aldis plans to come out of the 8-4-1 match at Against All Odds as number one contender.

Eddie Edwards vs. Yuya Uemura

After coming up short in the #1 Contenders match at Under Siege, Eddie Edwards and Yuya Uemura look to bounce back in singles action! Yuya Uemura takes Eddie Edwards to the limit but Edwards puts Yuya away with the Boston Knee Party.

Winner: Eddie Edwards via Pinfall.

After the match, Edwards disrespects Uemura which draws out Frankie Kazarian. Kazarian is upset at the bad example Edwards is setting as a locker room leader. Alisha jumps on the back of Kazarian but Kazarian throws her off, angering Eddie

Decay (Black Taurus & Crazzy Steve) vs. oVe (Sami Callihan & Jake Crist)

Following his shocking return at Under Siege, Jake Crist is back in action on IMPACT. Crist and Callihan immediately settle into their old oVe chemistry as Crist scores the pin over Crazzy Steve with an impressive Crist Cutter off the shoulders of Callihan.

Winner: Sami Callihan & Jake Crist via Pinfall.

The Design attack Crist after the match before Rich Swann eventually comes to their aid.

Backstage: Rich Swann, Sami Callihan, Jake Crist

Sami Callihan is upset at how Rich Swann was late to help them against The Design. As Swann will be in the 8-4-1 match at Against All Odds, Crist and Callihan will have to find a new partner against The Design on June 9 in Columbus, Ohio.

Trinity vs. Savannah Evans

Savannah Evans looks to even the score on behalf of Gisele Shaw as she goes one-on-one with Trinity! Trinity impressively submits Evans with Starstruck.

Winner: Trinity via Submission.

Trinity promised she was waiting for the winner of Deonna Purrazzo vs. Jordynne Grace after Under Siege which draws out The Virtuosa. Trinity challenges Deonna Purrazzo for the Knockouts World Championship at Slammiversary and Deonna accepts. Shaw, Evans and Vidal attack Trinity and Purrazzo. Jordynne Grace looks to come to their aid but the numbers game overwhelms Grace. Shaw drops Grace with a series of vicious knee strikes to the face.

Dani Luna vs. Jody Threat

Dani Luna makes her IMPACT! in-ring debut against Jody Threat! Luni shows tremendous fire but Jody Threat continues her winning ways in IMPACT.

Winner: Jody Threat via Pinfall.

Backstage: Joe Hendry, Santino Marella, Kenny King, Shelton Jean

Joe Hendry is backstage with Santino. Santino is reluctant to step in the ring again to face Dirty Dango, so makes Hendry vs. Dango at Against All Odds for the Digital Media Title. Kenny King and Sheldon Jean taunt Hendry so Santino makes Hendry vs. Jean for next week’s IMPACT.

Video: Killer Kelly

Killer Kelly previews her upcoming Dog Collar match against Masha Slamovich at Against All Odds.

Next Week’s Show Card Rundown

Don’t miss an all-new IMPACT! next Thursday at 8/7c on AXS TV and 8:30pm ET on YouTube for IMPACT Insiders. The Coven defends the Knockouts World Tag Team Titles against The Death Dollz, while Moose and Rich Swann face Nick Aldis and Jonathan Gresham in a preview of the 8-4-1 match.

Motor City Machine Guns (Alex Shelley & Chris Sabin) vs. SUBCULTURE (Flash Morgan Webster & Mark Andrews)

Top teams collide in tonight’s main event dream match! In a fast-paced, high-intensity encounter Sabin pins Flash Morgan Webster with the Dirt Bomb.

Winner: Motor City Machine Guns via Pinfall.

The Guns show they’re ready for their respective title matches at Against All Odds.