WWE: WCW Thunder, WWE Poll John Cena & Fastlane, Jim Cornette

WCW Thunder Episodes Arriving Next Week on the WWE Network

As previously reported, WWE’s plans for the debut of WCW Thunder to the WWE Network’s classic Vault section have been delayed since September 2017 due to legal issues and other scheduling reasons.

In an update to this situation, website WWE Network News reported that classic episodes of WCW Thunder are currently scheduled to arrive on March 19th on the Network. While the exact number of episodes at launch is unknown, it is currently expected to be at least two full years from WCW Thunder’s original broadcast run.

Newest WWE Poll Asks If John Cena Will Win the WWE Championship at Fastlane

WWE.com is currently holding a poll asking fans if John Cena will win his record breaking 17th World championship at tonight’s Samckdown branded Fastlane event. Cena will be competing in a Six Pack Challenge for the WWE Championship against Baron Corbin, Dolph Ziggler, Sami Zayn, Kevin Owens, and champion AJ Styles.

At the time of this report, “No” leads with 64% of the fan vote.

Next Episode of WWE Photo Shoot Series to Feature Jim Cornette

WWE recently announced that the next episode of “WWE Photo Shoot” on the Network will feature Jim Cornette as the guest. This episode will air after the end of this week’s episode of Monday Night RAW on March 12th. Similar to previous episodes, photos and stories from Cornette’s wrestling career will be the topic of the episode.

Official synopsis:

“Always outspoken as a manager in the ring or as a creative voice behind-the-scenes, Jim Cornette pulls no punches on WWE Photo Shoot!”