Rumor: Becky Lynch Off of Survivor Series Due to Injury on Raw (Updated)

Update: has confirmed that Becky Lynch is off of Survivor Series due to a “broken face and severe concussion.”

Original post:

Becky Lynch could be off of Survivor Series after possibly suffering a concussion and/or broken nose at last night’s Raw, according to a report by Fightful.

Fightful’s Sean Ross Sapp claimed that Becky Lynch has a “big black eye” after being hit by Nia Jax during last night’s brawl at the end of Raw, which caused Becky’s face to be bloodied. It appeared that there was a cut near her left eye, on the side of her nose.

The report also said that there may be some heat on Nia Jax for causing the injury.

As of three hours ago, Becky Lynch was still posting about her match with Ronda Rousey on Twitter.


Dave Meltzer has now “confirmed” that Becky Lynch is off of Survivor Series.

Also, here’s a video of how the injury happened. Nia Jax gave Lynch a stiff punch.