More on WWE Canceling Backlash 2019 PPV Event

As noted before, WWE reportedly canceled plans to hold this year’s Backlash event due to recent changes made to their schedule for the next Saudi event, now rumored to be taking place in early June. The status of WWE’s house shows and the next NXT TakeOver event originally planned for early June were uncertain following these changes.

The Wrestling Observer’s Dave Meltzer reported that WWE recently made additional changes to their schedule to resolve lingering issues from moving the next Saudi event from May to June. The June 7th house show in Salt Lake City, Utah was moved to a new date of June 16th while the June 8th house show in Denver, Colorado was moved to a new date of June 15th. Meltzer also reported that plans for the next NXT TakeOver event have been put on hold and it is currently uncertain if the event will still be taking place on June 8th.

In regards to Backlash’s cancellation, Meltzer reported that WWE still has an event scheduled for June 16th in San Diego, California but now as a house show instead of a pay-per-view event. Meltzer also reported that there have been recent talks with WWE of potentially holding Backlash on June 23rd but it is currently uncertain if it will be taking place in Spokane, Washington based on the company’s current tentative schedule.