Two WWE Lead Writers Were Let Go Last Week

Two WWE writers were let go from the company last week, according to Pro Wrestling Sheet.

Raw lead writer Steve Oppenheim and SmackDown co-lead writer Steve Guerreri, who were top writers on WWE’s writing team at WWE headquarters in Stamford, CT, were let go by WWE last week.

Oppenheim has been with WWE since 2011 and Guerreri has been there since 2012.

Pro Wrestling Sheet says that according to their sources, the decision to let them go was not directly made by new Executive Directors Paul Heyman or Eric Bischoff. Though it’s easy to see how the two things could be related.

Paul Heyman will reportedly have a lot of control over the creative side of Raw, but Bischoff reportedly won’t be directly involved in the creative process.

The SmackDown writing team is currently led by Ryan Ward.

Everyone, including Heyman and Bischoff, ultimately still answers to Vince McMahon.