Various: CM Punk Altercation With Fan, LAX Done w/ Impact, AAA Wrestlers at Bound for Glory

CM Punk

CM Punk had a brief altercation with a fan while doing commentary for Cage Fury Fighting Championships 77 last night in Las Vegas.

A fan apparently got too close to Punk at the commentary table and was yelling things at the fight in the cage.

In the video below, Punk says on mic, “Bro! Bro, you need to back the fuck up. You need to get the f–” then there is a scuffle with security getting involved. Punk then returns to the announce table and says, “I’m sitting here with a headset and I’m doing my fucking job, and […] he screams ‘bullshit’ in my face.”

LAX Done With Impact

LAX officially finished up with Impact at the TV tapings last night in Mexico City. Their contracts expire some time in August and last night was Impact’s final taping this month.

Both WWE and AEW have shown interest in signing them.

AAA Wrestlers at Bound for Glory

Dr. Wagner Jr. will be wrestling at Impact’s Bound for Glory PPV, he said during Impact’s TV tapings in Mexico City last night.

Other Lucha Libre AAA wrestlers will also work the PPV.