Watch Goldberg’s Altercation With Matt Riddle Backstage at SummerSlam (Video)

In August, after a couple of months of Matt Riddle taking shots at Goldberg on social media, Riddle said that he and Goldberg ran into each other backstage at SummerSlam, which ended in Goldberg telling Riddle, “I’m not your bro.”

Footage of that backstage meeting was aired tonight on a “WWE Chronicle” special about Goldberg on WWE Network.

Goldberg bumps into Matt Riddle.

Riddle: (Smiling) Oh no.

Goldberg: I didn’t mean to run into you like that.

Riddle: No problem, bro. How are you?

Goldberg: We gotta talk.

They shake hands.

Riddle: Yeah, any time dude.

Goldberg: Any time.

Riddle: Any time.

Goldberg: After this shit happens, any time.

Riddle: Alright. I’m in the building. I’ll talk to you later.

Goldberg: Cool.

Riddle: I’ll be watching the match.

Goldberg: You got it.

Riddle: I’ll see you in a little, bro.

Goldberg: You will, bro. Good thing you’re wearing your shoes.

Riddle: I don’t need shoes, bro.

Goldberg: You’re right, bro. First of all, I’m not your bro.

Riddle: Okay.

Goldberg: Could’ve been a long time ago. You put a stop to that.

Riddle: Okay. Hey, that’s an opinion. If you don’t like it, that’s fine.

Goldberg: You got it.

Riddle: Yeah, that’s it.

Goldberg: Awesome.

Riddle: Good.

Goldberg: Nice to meet you.

Riddle: Pleasure’s all mine, bro.

Goldberg: You got it. I ain’t your bro.

Riddle: I hear you, I hear you.