AEW Full Gear Results – Nov. 9, 2019 – Jericho vs. Cody, Moxley vs. Omega

November 9, 2019
Baltimore, MD – Royal Farms Arena
Commentary: Jim Ross, Excalibur

Quick Match Results

  1. The Buy In: Dr. Britt Baker defeated Bea Priestley via Lockjaw (11:35)
  2. Proud & Powerful (Santana & Ortiz) defeated The Young Bucks via Street Sweeper on Nick Jackson (21:00)
  3. Hangman Adam Page defeated Pac via Dead Eye (18:30)
  4. Shawn Spears defeated Joey Janela via running death valley driver (11:45)
  5. AEW World Tag Team Championship Three-Way: SCU (c) defeated The Lucha Brothers and Private Party via SCU-Later on Kassidy (13:00)
  6. AEW Women’s World Championship: Riho (c) defeated Emi Sakura via rollup (13:20)
  7. AEW World Championship: Chris Jericho (c) defeated Cody via Walls of Jericho when MJF threw in the towel (29:35)
  8. Unsanctioned Lights Out Match: Jon Moxley defeated Kenny Omega via elevated Paradigm Shift onto the exposed ring boards (38:46)

The Buy In (Pre-Show)
Dr. Britt Baker vs. Bea Priestley

Taz, Goldenboy and Excalibur were on commentary for the pre-show match.

Britt Baker attempted to lock on Lockjaw twice, but Priestley fought free. She tried a third time and succeeded, forcing the tap out.

Winner: Britt Baker (11:35)

After the match, the lights went out and Awesome Kong came out with Brandi Rhodes. Kong attacked Priestley, hitting her with an Implant Buster. Brandi Rhodes gave Kong a knife and she used it to cut a chunk of Priestley’s hair and added it to her belt…

Cold Open Video

Proud & Powerful (Santana & Ortiz) vs. The Young Bucks

The Rock ‘n’ Roll Express were shown at ringside and The Young Bucks embraced them.

A few minutes in, Nick Jackson tried to kick Ortiz on the apron, but Ortiz moved and Nick hit his leg into the ring post. Santana picked up Matt and tossed him into the Rock ‘n’ Roll Express at ringside.

They worked over Nick Jackson for a while until he finally nailed a superkick which wobbled Ortiz and dropped him like a ton of bricks. Matt was tagged in and hit three back to back rolling Northern Lights suplexes on Ortiz, then hit two double northern lights suplexes on both Santana and Ortiz at the same time. Amazing.

Later, Ortiz chewed on the top rope but the Bucks both superkicked him. Santana tried a springboard moonsault but also got a double superkick on his way down.

They went for the Meltzer Driver on Ortiz, but Nick Jackson’s leg (which kicked the ring post earlier) gave out and he fell down.

Santana came in and slapped Nick Jackson. Nick spit his gum at Santana, but Santana picked it up and started chewing it, then spit it back at Nick.

Matt Jackson ran at Santana, but he moved and Matt went shoulder-first into the ring post.

Street Sweeper on Nick Jackson… 1-2-3. Great match.

Winners: Proud & Powerful (21:00)

Sammy Guevara came down to the ring and hugged his stablemates. He pulled out a sock full of baseballs and handed it to Ortiz. The Rock ‘n’ Roll Express got on the apron. Ortiz and Guevara ran at them, but they pulled the ropes down and they tumbled to the outside. Ricky Morton then hit a Canadian Destroyer on Santana! And a suicide dive to the outside onto Ortiz & Guevara! Huge pop from the crowd as the Rock ‘n’ Roll Express embraced the Young Bucks in the ring.

Hangman Adam Page vs. PAC

Pac controlled the first few minutes of this match, which had a slow pace, with the crowd pretty quiet.

Pac hit Hangman Page with a brutal looking brainbuster onto a seated chair on the outside, which left Page with a big red mark across his back.

Pac hit some brutal kicks to Page’s chest, then went to the top for the Black Arrow, but Page shoved his legs. Page climbed to the top and hit a big fallaway slam.

Page set up for the Buckshot Lariat, but Pac escaped and hit Page with a release German suplex. But Page fired back with a pop up powerbomb.

Page went for the Dead Eye, but Pac countered and locked on the Brutalizer! After a few seconds, Page fell to the mat under the ropes, breaking the hold.

Pac went for the Black Arrow but missed! Page went for the Buckshot Lariat again, but Pac blocked it. Pac tried a low blow behind the ref’s back, a throwback to a previous match, but Page blocked it! Big lariat by Page, followed by the Dead Eye! 1-2-3.

Really good match. This is Pac’s first loss in AEW.

Winner: Hangman Adam Page (18:30)

Shawn Spears vs. Joey Janela

Spears was accompanied by Tully Blanchard. Early in the match, Janela jumped off the apron but Spears caught him and bodyslammed him on the mat on the outside.

Spears used the tag team rope to tie Janela’s hair to the turnbuckle, but Janela was able to fight off Spears and escaped after a few seconds, pulling the rope off and leaving a few hairs behind.

Later, Janela hit a flipping senton off the top onto Spears on the outside.

Later, Blanchard distracted referee Earl Hebner and Spears took the turnbuckle pad off. The ref saw the pad on the mat and started to put it back on, which allowed Spears to bring Janela outside and hit him with a piledriver, assisted by Tully Blanchard, who jumped off the ring steps to help plant Janela…

In the ring, Spears hit Janela with a running death valley driver for the win.

Winner: Shawn Spears (11:45)

Backstage: Kip Sabian, Penelope Ford

Backstage, Goldenboy interviewed Kip Sabian, who acted like a cocky heel. Kip introduced Penelope Ford and called themselves a “superbad couple.” Penelope kissed him on the cheek and said “Why be bad when you can be superbad?”

Janela was then shown walking back down the entrance ramp after his loss. Interesting… Janela used to date Ford and the two were a wrestling duo (“The Bad Boy” and “The Bad Girl”). Ford is now dating Sabian in real life.

AEW World Tag Team Championship
SCU (c) vs. The Lucha Brothers vs. Private Party

A few minutes in, Kassidy hit a twisting dive to the outside on a group of guys. Scorpio Sky went for a dive of his own, but Fenix kicked him in the head, then Fenix went hit a crazy springboard twisting dive onto everyone. Back in the ring, Kazarian hit Fenix with a big DDT, taking him out.

Later, Quen hit a sweet shooting star press on Kazarian, but he kicked out. They went for Gin & Juice, but Sky came in for the save.

SCU hit SCU-Later on Kassidy and picked up the win…

This was a good match and Rey Fenix was easily the star.

Winners: SCU (13:00)

After the match, the Lucha Bros attacked SCU. Pentagon prepared to hit a package piledriver on Kazarian on a chair, but the lights went out…

When they came back on, another person dressed as Pentagon was in the ring and faced off with Pentagon… The second Pentagon attacked Pentagon, then hit Fenix with the Angel’s Wings on top of Pentagon… He unmasked himself and it was a returning Christopher Daniels, avenging the Lucha Bros’ attack on him a few weeks ago.

AEW Women’s World Championship
Riho (c) vs. Emi Sakura

Sakura worked over Riho for a few minutes early. The crowd was well behind Riho, but this crowd has been one of the worst / most quiet AEW crowds so far, I think.

This match was “fine” but really started picking up towards the end. They exchanged rollups at a really fast pace until Riho was able to roll up Sakura and pick up the win.

Winner: Riho (13:20)

After the match, Sakura raised Riho’s arm in victory.

AEW World Championship
Chris Jericho (c) vs. Cody

If this match goes to a 60 minute time limit, three judges will decide the winner. The three judges, Dean Malenko, Arn Anderson, and The Great Muta were shown at ringside.

Cody previously said that if he loses this match, he will never challenge for the AEW World Championship again.

Cody entered with his best friend MJF. Chris Jericho entered next with Jake Hager in his corner.

The crowd chanted “fuck your birthday” at Chris Jericho, who turns 49 today.

A couple of minutes in, Chris Jericho started trash talking at judge Dean Malenko at ringside.

Later, Cody dived over the top but Jericho moved and Cody landed face first onto the elevated ramp in a really scary spot. Jesus… He had a big gash above his right eyebrow and was bleeding pretty badly. The ringside doctor came over to check on him and clean up the cut and Cody was able to continue.

A couple of minutes later, Jake Hager attacked Cody on the outside, behind referee Aubrey Edwards’ back.

Jericho beat down on Cody for a few minutes, then went for a Lionsault, but Cody got his knees up. Springboard Diamond Cutter by Cody, but Jericho kicked out.

Cody’s mom was at ringside. Jericho got in her face, but Cody ran outside and attacked Jericho, and Cody’s mom gave him a little slap to the head.

Later, Jake Hager got on the apron, but Cody shoved Jericho into him. Seconds later, Hager punched Cody in the face behind the ref’s back. Referee Aubrey looked at Hager, then tossed him out!

MJF got in Hager’s face and said “na na na na, hey hey hey, goodbye.” Hager kicked him in the stomach and sent him into the crowd barricade.

The ref forced Hager to leave, walking with him down the ramp. Meanwhile in the ring, Jericho nailed Cody with the world title belt! The ref returned and he went for the pin… 1-2-no!

Jericho went for the Judas Effect, but Cody countered into the Cross Rhodes! 1-2-no!!!

Bionic Elbow by Cody, an homage to Dusty, but Jericho kicked out again.

Cody springboarded off the ropes but Jericho caught him with a Codebreaker for another near fall.

Jericho took off his weight belt and whipped Cody really hard several times in the back, making a really loud sound each time.

Cody fought back and tried a hurricanrana on Jericho off the top, but Jericho blocked it and locked on the Walls of Jericho! The crowd chanted for Cody as he struggled to escape… and he finally was able to grab the bottom rope.

Jericho got in ref Aubrey’s face and the two argued. Aubrey shoved Jericho and Cody rolled him up into a small package… but only got a near fall.

Jericho got up and locked on the Walls of Jericho again… Cody wouldn’t tap… Jericho locked it on even stronger… MJF held a towel at ringside and looked tortured… and MJF threw in the towel!!!

The referee saw the towel and called for the bell. It’s over… What a match. Cody is just incredible. All of his AEW matches have been on another level from an emotional standpoint.

Winner: Chris Jericho (29:35)

The Inner Circle came out and celebrated with Jericho with some champagne at the entrance ramp.

In-Ring: Cody and MJF

MJF and Cody were left in the ring. MJF tried to explain himself to Cody but Cody looked furious. MJF looked like he was nearly in tears and was on his knees seemingly begging for Cody’s forgiveness. The crowd chanted “you fucked up” at MJF.

Cody picked up MJF and put his hand on his shoulder in a gesture of forgiveness… MJF looked him in the eyes… and kicked him in the nuts! Holy shit! MJF smiled as the crowd erupted into massive boos. MJF screamed at Cody, then walked out of the ring smiling as Cody lay in the ring.

MJF stood at the entrance ramp smugly smiling and taking in the boos. Someone in the crowd threw a drink at him… Security ran over to seemingly toss the fan out. Crazy angle… So good.

Unsanctioned Lights Out Match
Jon Moxley vs. Kenny Omega

Justin Roberts said that the lights will go out and when they come back on, AEW will not be responsible for what happens. There is no time limit and anything goes in this unsanctioned lights out match.

I’m still trying to recover from the last match and MJF angle…

They fought around the ring and into the crowd early. Moxley pulled out a baseball bat wrapped in barbed wire from under the ring and jabbed Omega in the stomach then smashed him in the back, and again, and again. Omega had punctures all over his back. Moxley put the bat on Omega’s back and stomped on it.

Omega fought back and hit a piledriver on Moxley on a trash can. He then pulled out a table and set it up at a 45 degree angle on the crowd barricade. He then pulled out a broom wrapped in barbed wire from under the ring. Moxley ran at him for a suicide dive but Omega hit him in the head with the broom!

Moxley had blood pouring from the back of his head/neck. Omega put the barbed wire broom on back and started “sweeping.” Omega grabbed a trash can and hit Moxley with a middle rope moonsault with it.

Omega then pulled out a big board with about 30 mouse traps on it… but Moxley attacked him and hit him with a release vertical suplex on the mouse traps!

Moxley pulled out a bunch of big chains, set them up in a pile and gave Omega a sidewalk slam on them.

Moxley then pulled out an ice pick… oh no. He tried to stab Omega but he moved and the ice pick went right into the top turnbuckle pad…

Omega hit Moxley with three snap dragon suplexes, then wrapped the chain around his neck and tossed him over the top, hanging him… Omega then did a flipping dive over the top rope onto Moxley through the table that was set up earlier on the crowd barricade.

Omega pulled out a big shard of broken glass… He tried to cut Moxley’s face, but Moxley blocked him, and Omega cut Moxley’s hand instead… Fuck.

Omega took a bag of glass and stomped on it, then dumped out all of the glass in the ring. Sit out spinebuster by Omega on Moxley onto the damn glass. Jesus… The ref counted but Moxley kicked out at 2. The ref sold that he hurt his hand on the glass while counting, and he put on a glove.

Omega dragged Moxley on the glass and locked on a sharpshooter… and Moxley crawled through the broken glass to grab the ropes… Ridiculous.

Omega grabbed a handful of the glass and forced it into Moxley’s mouth… Fuck man. Omega went for a V-Trigger but Moxley moved and suplexed him onto the glass. But Omega got up and hit the V-Trigger, and Moxley spit out the glass.

Omega grabbed the ice pick or screwdriver or whatever that was jammed in the turnbuckle. And he jammed and dragged it into Moxley’s forehead. Come on.

Omega started shouting “bring it.” The Young Bucks and Hangman Page came out and tried to reason with Omega. He said please, and they walked backstage, then came back out with a big ring-sized trampoline-like thing that was completely covered in barbed wire. Omega went for the One Winged Angel off of the elevated stage… but Moxley blocked it. He went for the Paradigm Shift DDT, but Omega blocked it… but Moxley gave him a vertical suplex off the stage onto the barbed wire… Jesus. Omega and Moxley lay in the barbed wire for a few seconds until officials helped them out of it.

V-Trigger by Omega through part of the set, breaking through plexiglass…

They fought back to the ring and Moxley immediately hit Omega with the Paradigm Shift onto the glass! 1-2-NO!

Moxley cut the strings that were holding the ring mat… and he peeled off the mat, and the padding, revealing just the wooden boards below. Moxley went for a package piledriver but Omega reversed into a backdrop. He went for the One Winged Angel but Moxley escaped. Paradigm Shift by Omega onto the wooden boards! 1-2-Moxley kicked out…

Omega went to the top… Phoenix Splash but Moxley moved and Omega smashed hard into the wood. Fucking hell. Omega had a big red mark on his right eyebrow.

Moxley picked up Omega and nailed him with a vicious elevated Paradigm Shift onto the wooden boards. 1-2-3. It’s over… Unbelievable.

Winner: Jon Moxley (38:46)

The Young Bucks checked on Omega after the match. Moxley looked into the camera and gave the finger, with both hands, then said “you get what you asked for” as the PPV went off the air.