WWE Reportedly Threatened to Fire Anyone Who Leaked WrestleMania 36 Results Early

WWE reportedly warned everyone associated with last week’s tapings of WrestleMania 36 at the Performance Center that they would be fired if they leaked any of the results from the two-night event before it aired, according to Sports Illustrated.

Justin Barrasso reported that his sources stated that the company informed employees, talent, and production staff that they would be subject to termination if anyone was found to have leaked WrestleMania 36’s taping results. Barrasso also reported that due to the very limited number of people present at each taping session, it would be a bigger risk to leak information and WWE officials would have an easier job finding out who the culprit was if it were to happen.

PWInsider’s Mike Johnson also reported that WWE enacted strict measures to prevent leaks, going as far as splitting up their available backstage agents so that those who worked the first night of tapings were not allowed to be at the tapings for the second night. Despite WWE’s measures, Johnson said that he was informed of potential spoilers from the tapings but was unable to verify them due to the lack of available sources from WWE’s tapings.