Notes on WWE’s Money in the Bank Ladder Matches at WWE HQ

As noted before, WWE taped both of the Money in the Bank matches for this past Sunday’s PPV at their headquarters in Stamford, Connecticut back on April 15.

Though the matches were pre-taped, PWInsider’s Mike Johnson reported that WWE also taped a few additional scenes afterwards for the final cut.

Johnson also reported that WWE did not shoot the different parts of the match in order nor did the talent involved actually “fight their way up” the building. Several times in the match, wrestlers skipped floors or went to new locations on previously visited floors.

The roof toss stunt involving both Rey Mysterio and Aleister Black was done at an area in the roof that was not lit in order to hide the crash pad and cardboard boxes used for the stunt.

Johnson also reported that the Money in the Bank Conference Room featured in the match is a legitimate room in the building and that is also its official name. The Money in the Bank replica case Dana Brooke grabbed reportedly is a legit feature of the room and not just a prop that was solely set up for the match.

It was also reported that each room in WWE’s headquarters building is based on a different and unique theme. The first floor features different screens in reference to the company’s tech department. The second floor features several WWE pinball machines and is designed in reference to WWE’s stage. The third floor features wrestling ropes. The fourth floor does not feature a specific WWE-related theme due to that being the floor for the company’s executive offices.

The T-Rex skull seen in Vince McMahon’s office during the match reportedly was a gift from Triple H from a few years ago and has been in McMahon’s office since then.

Besides cameos from Brother Love, John Laurinaitis, and other notable people from WWE, the janitor seen during the match was played by Kane Prichard, who is the son of Bruce Prichard. The Wrestling Observer’s Dave Meltzer reported that he was named after WWE wrestler Kane.