Samoa Joe May Be Replacing Jerry Lawler on Raw Commentary for Good

Samoa Joe, who rejoined the Raw commentary team on April 27, is reportedly currently meant to be the “permanent” replacement for Jerry “The King” Lawler, according to the Wrestling Observer Newsletter.

Joe, whose WWE career has been marred by a string of injuries, has still not been cleared for action after suffering a concussion during a WWE commercial shoot in February, the Observer says.

The Observer speculated that if/when he is cleared to return to wrestling, he could still remain on the commentary team, using it to shoot angles for potential feuds. But that could easily change if WWE decides that they want him back as a full-time wrestler.

So right now it looks like Jerry Lawler isn’t returning to the Raw commentary team. When Lawler joined the team in late September, it was meant to be for a limited time, with Lawler saying that he doesn’t like to travel so much anymore.