Various: AEW’s Second TV Show Update, Joey Ryan Files Lawsuit Against Anthem, Del Rio Trial Update

Cody Comments on Status of Plans for AEW’s Second TV Series

As noted before, AEW and WarnerMedia signed a television extension deal earlier this year which included terms for the development of a second AEW television series. AEW currently has plans to launch this new television series by the end of this year.

TV Insider held a recent interview with Cody and one of the topics discussed included Cody revealing that this new upcoming television series will not air on TNT but instead on a different WarnerMedia owned network.

“We have to move from novelty to commodity. One thing we’ve continued to do is recruit. People wonder why we’re recruiting when we only have this two-hour bullseye to hit. We know that this third hour is going to present itself soon. And I don’t mean a third hour of Dynamite. I mean a separate hour on a WarnerMedia network. We’ll be able to diversify and freshen up the content on a regular basis.”

Joey Ryan Files $10 Million Lawsuit Against Impact Wrestling & Anthem

Joey Ryan recently filed five defamation lawsuits against several of his sexual abuse and harassment accusers. Ryan is currently asking for both monetary compensation totaling in the millions of dollars and court orders to prevent and remove all online accusations against him.

PWInsider’s Mike Johnson reported that Ryan filed a sixth lawsuit on September 15th in Nashville, Tennessee against Impact Wrestling’s parent company Anthem Entertainment. In his filing, Ryan claims that the company breached the terms of his contract when he was fired over his sexual abuse allegations.

Ryan claims that Anthem failed to properly inform him in writing of any disciplinary action being taken against him and engage in a “5 day cure period” required as part of the terms revolving around disciplinary actions in his contract.

This “cure period” reportedly involves Impact officials and a wrestler engaging in talks and if nothing is resolved, the company would have an additional 30 days to resolve any issues. Following another additional 30 day time period, Impact would have the right to terminate a contract if there are still any unresolvable issues.

Ryan is currently asking for $10 million in monetary compensation and additional amounts in legal fees and other “relief” that the court may decide in his favor.

Albert Del Rio Kidnapping & Sexual Assault Trial Update

As noted before, Alberto Del Rio was recently indicted on multiple criminal charges involving a sexual assault incident this past May in San Antonio, Texas.

PWInsider’s Mike Johnson reported that Del Rio was recently given a trial date of January 25, 2021 for the criminal charges currently against him. If found guilty, Del Rio faces the possibility of life in prison.