Various: EC3 Tested Positive for COVID-19, Chris Bey on AEW & Impact Partnership, Indies

EC3 Reveals He Tested Positive for COVID-19

Chris Van Vliet held a recent interview with EC3 and one of the topics discussed included EC3 revealing that he recently tested positive for the coronavirus.

“I’ve been quarantined for a week to 10 days. At this point, I have covid, and I’m at the tail end of it. It sucked a little bit. Some of it wasn’t bad. I’m healthy so I was fortunate. It infected my parents who were visiting me, whoops, so they had to stay longer so I’ve had no alone time.

I would say I’m at 90%. This is the tail end of it. I’ve had none of the respiratory issues. It felt like the flu and a moderately bad cold some of the time.”

EC3 also stated that as a result, he will not be competing at Ring of Honor’s Final Battle 2020 event this Friday.

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Chris Bey Comments on AEW & Impact Wrestling’s Partnership held a recent interview with Impact Wrestling talent Chris Bey. One of the topics discussed included his thoughts on the current partnership between All Elite Wrestling and Impact and his current dream matches with AEW talent.

“I think that this is a great thing for the business. I think that whenever we can make that excitement and break that fourth wall so to speak and take what everyone thought they knew about the business and switch it up…because this is an era nowadays that is pulled back so far that a lot of the people who have never taken a bump or who have never actually done this feel like they know. It’s okay to know, but they feel like they really know. The greatest part about moments like these…those same people who think they really know, they see this and they go, ‘Oh I didn’t know this was possible. If this is happening I bet this can’t happen,’ then the next week that same thing they say can’t happen happens. They start to learn we can switch it up on them at anytime. I think this is great because it’s going to provide a lot of dream scenarios and give a lot of people to be seen on different platforms. A lot of people who watch AEW don’t watch IMPACT, a lot of people who watch IMPACT don’t watch AEW. So this will give a lot of different fans someone new to tune into, who they might like or relate to, or find their new favorite wrestler. I think it’s great. Now we talk about the dream matches. I’ve seen a lot of people post stuff like they wanted to see me versus Kenny, then they wanted to see me versus Darby Allin, or they think because of the charisma through the roof they wanna see me and Ricky Starks. There’s one in particular that stands out to me that I need to check off my bucket list personally because it all started a little over a year ago, but I need…for the sake of my story…I need Dashing Chris Bey versus Dashing Cody Rhodes. That’s the one that I need.”

Misc. Wrestling News & Notes

Major League Wrestling recently announced that La Parka Jr. and Bu Ku Dao will be making their official debuts for the company during tonight’s episode of MLW Fusion.

Anthem Sports and Entertainment reportedly recently signed a television deal with cable television providers Bell TV and Virgin TV to air their AXS TV network in Canada, according to PWInsider. Mike Johnson reported that this deal means Impact Wrestling now airs on three network stations in the country, which are Fight Network, AXS TV, and Game TV.

Jake Crist announced on Twitter that his official contract with Impact Wrestling expired earlier than originally scheduled and he is currently a free agent.

Dragon Lee announced on Twitter that he and his significant other are currently expecting their first child.