WWE Expands Talent Ban List for Outside Third Party Services & Issuing Violation Penalties

As noted before, Vince McMahon issued an edict this past September to WWE’s talent informing them of a new ban being put in place regarding those using and earning money from outside third party services. This ban also included the announcement that the company would be taking over ownership of their talent’s Twitch and Cameo accounts.

WrestlingInc.com reported that WWE recently expanded their outside third party ban list to include Twitter and Instagram. The updated ban covers any tweets or Instagram posts from talent that promotes or names any third party business, person, brand, or charity.

Similar to Twitch and Cameo, the company reportedly informed their talent that they will be taking over ownership of their accounts on Twitch and Instagram.

WWE reportedly has also been issuing penalties to those who have been violating their third party services ban with the first violation resulting in a warning and repeated violations resulting in fines and suspensions.

The company also reportedly recently informed their talent that the current “flexibility” allowed in their third party services ban could be retracted at any time.

Following the release of WrestlingInc’s report, the Wrestling Observer’s Dave Meltzer reported that those spoken to within the company stated that this new ban only targets tweets and Instagram posts by talent that are being monetized. Meltzer stated that a talent casually taking a photo of a product or business place would not be in violation of this new rule based on the clarification given to him.