Big Cass Returns to the Ring at Indie Show

Big Cass, now going by “Caz XL,” wrestled in his first public match since September 2019 on Saturday night.

He appeared as the mystery tag team partner of Hernandez for Doc Gallows’ promotion, Lariato Pro Wrestling in Lyons, Georgia, and won the match for his team with a big boot.

Enzo Amore was also on the show and was in the ring for the match.

Cass commented on his return:

Cass hasn’t publicly wrestled since September 2019. That month, at a WrestlePro show in New Jersey, he chased Joey Janela around the locker room and threatened to kill him, allegedly saying, “Iโ€™m gonna shoot you, Iโ€™m gonna kill you, I got a gun.” He was eventually punched in the face by promoter Pat Buck and escorted out of the building by police.

He later apologized, saying he “struggled with mental health issues” and โ€œwill be getting professional help in the near future.โ€