Various: Ric Flair WWE Update, WWE Hires HoH Announcer, Nielsen Ratings Changes, Indies

Ric Flair WWE Status Update

As noted before, Ric Flair is currently in a legal battle with WWE regarding his claims of the company failing to pay him royalties for the continued usage and merchandise sales of “The Man” catchphrase for Becky Lynch. Flair’s basis for his claims revolves around his ownership of the “To Be The Man” trademark and his recent application for “The Man” trademark.

Despite the on-going legal dispute, Flair’s current status for SmackDown’s debut episode of FOX on October 4th remains unchanged, Dave Meltzer reported in this week’s Wrestling Observer Newsletter. Meltzer reported that WWE still has Flair scheduled to appear on the show.

WWE Hired House of Hardcore’s Lead Announcer

Matt Camp, House of Hardcore’s lead announcer, has recently signed an official contract with WWE.

Camp posted a tweet Thursday afternoon stating that he had been recently hired by the company and will be working primarily as an on-air host for WWE’s digital shows.

Nielsen Announces Upcoming Changes for Their Ratings System

Nielsen Holdings recently announced that they will be making several changes to their ratings system and will take effect starting in fall 2020.

The new ratings system will expand viewership tracking to cover places outside of the home, which includes bars, airports, offices, and any other place with a large gathering of people.

Nielsen stated that based on some of their recent testing, sports events are expected to see a potential viewer number increase of 11 percent.

Misc. Wrestling News & Notes

Ring of Honor reportedly drew an overall attendance of around 1600 for their Global Wars Espectacular tour, according to the Wrestling Observer Newsletter. Their September 6th event in Dearborn, Michigan drew around 600 while their September 7th event in Chicago, Illinois and September 8th event in Milwaukee, Wisconsin drew around 500 each.

Major League Wrestling announced that they have recently signed Séptimo Dragón to a multi-year contract with the company.

WWE’s NXT UK announced that WALTER will be making appearances for EVOLVE at their EVOLVE 135 event on September 20th in Brooklyn and their EVOLVE 136 event on September 21st in Queens, New York.