Matt Hardy in Contract Talks With WWE, Wants to Be Used Better

Matt Hardy’s WWE contract expires in February 2020, and the two sides have been in contract negotiations, with the biggest sticking point being how Hardy will be used going forward, according to PWInsider.

Hardy “wants to be used a certain way,” PWInsider says, which likely means using his “Broken Matt Hardy” persona. Matt has been releasing videos using the gimmick on YouTube recently.

PWInsider added that Hardy reportedly feels that if he re-signs, it would likely be the final contract of his career, so he wants to make the most of it. And if he’s not able to come to a deal with WWE, he’s preparing for life outside of the company, using the Broken Matt gimmick, which he owns.

Matt returned to WWE TV for the first time in months on Raw this past Monday as regular “Hardy Boyz” Matt Hardy, and lost a match to Buddy Murphy.

Though Matt’s deal expires in February 2020, his brother Jeff’s may not because he’s been out for several months during his deal due to injuries, so WWE possibly extended his contract.