Matt Hardy Says Goodbye, Possibly Written Off of TV + Jeff Hardy Update

Matt Hardy may have appeared in his final WWE segment (for now) tonight on Raw.

Matt interrupted Randy Orton in the ring to try to find out why he attacked Edge, while also going over some of his own history with Edge. Orton didn’t answer, and instead hit Hardy with an RKO, then left him lying in the ring after a Con-Chair-To to the head.

The segment was meant as a way to write Matt Hardy off of TV, WWE sources told Pro Wrestling Sheet’s Ryan Satin.

Hardy’s contract expires on March 1. He has been in contract negotiations with WWE for the past few months, with the main sticking point being that he wants more creative freedom. As of now, he has not re-signed, according to PWInsider.

Following the segment on Raw, Matt tweeted “GOODBYE” along with a link to his latest “Free the Delete” video on YouTube.

In the video, Matt plays around with the rumors that he may be The Dark Order’s “exalted one,” telling his drone Vanguard 1, “I am exa… I am exa… I am exhausted.”

Jeff Hardy

Although he signed at the same time as his brother Matt, Jeff Hardy’s contract is not set to expire on March 1 because WWE extended his deal due to time missed because of injuries. It’s not clear when it does expire.

Jeff has been out since suffering a knee injury in April, which required surgery.

But he’s scheduled to be at the WWE Performance Center in Orlando next week to check on his progress and prepare for a return, according to PWInsider.

He’s been out for over nine months and his original return timetable was said to be six to nine months.