More Wrestlers Reportedly Pulled From WrestleMania Due to Coronavirus Fears

In addition to Roman Reigns pulling himself from WrestleMania over coronavirus fears, “multiple people on the card” have also been pulled, according to the Wrestling Observer Newsletter.

Other than Reigns, names are being kept quiet as of now.

Multiple people on the card have said that they were sick, which meant that they were instantly pulled from the show. There were also wrestlers who didn’t feel sick, but had fevers over 100.4 degrees, which is WWE’s cut-off point.

There were also others who said that they didn’t feel comfortable flying in.

Both WWE and AEW have told people that they don’t have to travel to any shows if they don’t feel comfortable and their decisions won’t be held against them.

As of today, March 26, no one in the company has tested positive for COVID-19, the Observer said.

Both Rey Mysterio and Dana Brooke have already been pulled from planned WrestleMania matches due to having “symptoms,” though there’s no indication that they’ve tested positive for COVID-19 as of now, but WWE is being cautious. Both are currently in quarantine. Dana Brooke was medically checked at the March 20 SmackDown and was asked to quarantine herself, while Mysterio had symptoms and quarantined himself in California.

WrestleMania was being taped last night and tonight at the WWE Performance Center, and will air as a two night show on April 4 and April 5.