Kurt Angle Says He Turned Down WWE’s Idea for Him to Manage Matt Riddle

Kurt Angle was interviewed by CBR.com and said that WWE offered him a role as a manager for Matt Riddle on SmackDown, but he turned it down.

“WWE has offered me a job to manage him,” Angle said. “Unfortunately, I turned it down due to a few different reasons, but I would have loved to manage him. It just wasn’t the right time.”

Angle also praised Riddle in the same interview. “I think that Matt Riddle is going to be one of the faces of [WWE], he has all the ability. His personality is great. At first, it’s a little odd. But once you get to know him, he’s very likable. And that’s what he’s going to get from the fans. They’re going to love this kid. And he proves it in the ring. He’s phenomenal in the ring. There’s no doubt about that. But his whole bro gimmick thing works really well. And he’s going to do extremely well.”

Angle announced Riddle’s move to SmackDown in a video that aired on SmackDown on Friday.

Angle was released by WWE on April 15 but can be used by WWE within 90 days of the release.