Impact Possibly Teases Bringing in Heath Slater and Eric Young

Last week, Impact aired a segment teasing that they would be bringing in recently released former WWE wrestlers at their Slammiversary PPV on July 18.

Tonight, they dropped possible hints at Heath Slater and Eric Young, who were both released by WWE on April 15.

Heath Slater

In a backstage segment, Rohit Raju came up to Rhino and told him that he needs to treat him like a tag team partner. Rhino said, “I’ve already got a tag team partner… and he’s got kids.”

It could have just been a throwaway joke line, or maybe we’ll see Heath Slater in Impact soon.

Eric Young

In a backstage segment, Michael Elgin was talking to someone on the phone and said, “You know us Canadians, we’ve always been team players.”

That could be a hint at Eric Young, who’s a former member of the Team Canada stable in TNA.

Young wrestled in TNA from 2004-2016 and is a former TNA World, X Division and Tag Team Champion.

In the Impact video last week, they showed clips of Eric Young, Gallows and Anderson, Drake Maverick, Curt Hawkins, Mike Bennett and Maria Kanellis, EC3 and the Bulgarian flag. Maverick is staying in WWE.