Tammy Sytch Arrest Update

As noted before, former wrestler Tammy Sytch was arrested this past Friday in Florida following a police investigation into a fatal car accident involving Sytch this past March. Sytch is currently facing the possibility of up to thirty years in prison if convicted of felony DUI manslaughter. Sytch was bailed out of jail this past Saturday by a Florida-based bail bondsman service company.

PWInsider’s Mike Johnson reported that Florida State Attorney R.J. Larizza filed a four-page motion on Monday seeking to have Sytch be ordered to pre-trial detention and during her potential trial. In the filing, the State of Florida is claiming that Sytch had violated her probation from prior DUI arrests in Pennsylvania leading to her probation being revoked and Sytch being re-sentence to Carbon County Prison. The filing also stated that Sytch currently has a suspended driver’s license in the State of Pennsylvania and never had a valid driver’s license in the State of Florida.

The filing also claims that Sytch “poses a threat of harm to the community based on criminal history surrounding driving offenses as detailed above” as the reason for their detention request.

Johnson reported that Sytch is currently scheduled to be officially arraigned on May 31st in the Volusia County Court.

In regards to Sytch’s current criminal cases in New Jersey, Johnson reported in a separate report that several people recently spoken to from the legal world stated that Sytch’s Florida case will likely take precedence due to the severity of her charges and circumstances involved. Johnson reported that Sytch’s New Jersey case will likely be put on an indefinite hold until further notice as a result.

Following Sytch’s arrest, former WWE talents and coaches Bill Demott and Mark Henry recently publicly requested on Twitter for WWE to remove Sytch from their Hall of Fame due to her criminal history of drunk driving. Demott and his family have been campaigning against drunk driving since the death of their daughter Kerri Ann Demott to a drunk driver in 2016.